Exactly one year ago, we wrote about LowPowerBanner to get custom battery warnings. The tweak put battery alerts in banner notifications instead of alerts that would stop you from using the iPhone till you dismissed it. For iOS 7, we’ve been waiting for an update/similar solution. For quite some time.

There was NoLowPowerAlert but obviously, we had our reservations. With the launch of PowerBanner, things are back in place. PowerBanner works exactly like LowPowerBanner but with minimalist features and customization.

Powerbanner Cydia Tweak

PowerBanner will stop low battery alerts on the iPhone. But it doesn’t stop them altogether. You get the low battery alert as banner notification.

This has one big advantage: you get to be alerted about low battery but it’s not obstructive.

The design of low battery alerts as obstructive alert notifications has one purpose: when your iPhone is running out of battery power, the iPhone wants to make sure you know of it. And that you plug it in for charging.

But it’s kind of annoying because if you’re watching a video, playing a game or typing something, everything is stopped and disabled till you dismiss the alert. Unless you dismiss the alert, you can’t continue using the iPhone.

If you’re right in the middle of a game, it just kind of sucks to get the alert.¬†PowerBanner changes that.

PowerBanner comes with a few customization options of its own. Toggles let you turn ON/OFF an accompanying vibrate alert when the battery is low.

I think this is smarter as a haptic feedback adds more importance to the banner notification for low battery.

When you respring, iOS 7 by default shows a low battery alert when the battery is below 20% and 10%. You can turn this off from within PowerBanner.

PowerBanner is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s free.