One of the most annoying things about Control Center is that I'd like to see and use the toggles in an app but I accidentally open the Control Center when using an app even when I don't want to.

Turning off Control Center from within the apps doesn't help because I want to be able to toggle brightness, Wi-fi and a bunch of things occasionally. Heading back out of the app every time I want to do this sucks. So what's the solution?

My goals were simple: I want to be able to access the Control Center even when I was using apps but I don't want to accidentally open Control Center when I scrolled up from the bottom. I scroll up from the bottom on several apps actually: Twitter, Facebook and more.

NoGrabber iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

And many times, Control Center shows up accidentally. I had to turn off the feature (Settings → Control Center → Access within Apps (turn off)) so that this didn't happen.

With a new Cydia tweak, apparently, this issue gets resolved. NoGrabber makes sure you don't “accidentally” open the Control Center or the Notification Center from within apps when you swipe up or down from the screen edges. It does this by adding the fail-safe grabbers when you swipe up/down from the screen edge. This method is used by full-screen apps (Instapaper, for instance) to indicate that if you pull up/down again on the grabber icon, Control Center/Notification Center will show up.

Stop Accidental Control Center Swipes but It's Still Accessible from Apps

NoGrabber is a simple way of making sure iOS 7 is more accessible and friendlier. The additional grabbers are not a new idea (they've been in iOS 6 too with full-screen apps using the feature inevitably) but that it wasn't applied universally in iOS 7 makes things a little hard. Especially the Control Center part.

May be you're thinking turning off Access within Apps for the Control Center is just good to go but if you're like me, you'd be much more happy if Control Center was accessible everywhere without those accidental slip-ups.

NoGrabber adds an extra level of functionality called the White List. Only apps that you add to White List will show the additional grabbers (the warning grabbers) when you swipe from up/bottom. For apps not added to this list, Control Center will open in the normal way (thus increasing chances of accidental trigger).

NoGrabber is a very simple tweak targeting a straight-forward requirement. Try it out and let us know if it makes a difference.

NoGrabber is up on BigBoss and is a free tweak.