How to Speed Up Your MacBook Pro?

Is your MacBook Pro running slow? Here we have listed out a few important tips to speed it up. Let's check it out!

Is your MacBook Pro a sloth? Or is it taking too much time to startup? Or is it losing its performance day by day? If yes, then welcome to the world of Mac. Every Mac loses its speed with time and becomes sluggish or gets sloth with time. Despite this fact, no Mac user wants to come across such issues and if encounters such situations, then wants some trick or tip to revamp the performance of his/her fancy MacBook Pro.

Tips to Speed Up Your MacBook Pro

#1. Restart Your Mac Often

If you have not restarted your Mac since long and keeping it in sleep mode, then its time to restart it. Restarting Mac flushes the old junk files that slow down its speed and you may find out a speedy machine after a quick restart.

#2. Clean The Desktop

If you have the desktop that is cluttered with so many files and folders, then you are calling speed deterioration in your Mac as it handles each and every file on the desktop as a separate window. Therefore, clear out all unnecessary items from the desktop by sending them to their appropriate folders. This will, for sure, speed up its response time.

#3. Clear out Unnecessary Login Items

Some downloaded applications automatically add themselves with startup or login items. Therefore, in order to speed up the processing of your machine, it is suggested to check the login items and remove all the unrequited ones. For this, go to System Preferences > Users and Groups and select the tab for Login Items to see all the applications that open while startup. From this list, uncheck the ones that you do not want.

#4. Trim Your Hard Drive by Deleting Unnecessary Contents

Depending upon your usage, your hard drive gets cluttered with items. Nearly full hard drive, for sure, loses its performance; therefore, it is suggested to archive old items and clear out all unnecessary data to make some space for new files.

#5. Empty Browser Cache

You may feel performance issues while surfing the Internet. This, generally, occurs when the cache of your browser gets filled with browsing history. Therefore, emptying it can bring back its speed. In Safari, go to Safari → Empty Cache and if you are using Firefox, then go to Firefox → Preferences → Advanced → Network and click the button Clear Now. Moreover, if your browser is running for a long time, then quit and restart it to make surfing faster.

#6. Close Unused Applications

It is really very common to run too many applications at a time in your MacBook Pro, but do you need all of them at a time? Practically not; therefore, quitting all those applications that you do not need currently or stopping those running applications that you may need in future is recommended.

#7. Add RAM

Adding RAM is another efficient method for speeding up the data processing speed of your machine.

Aforementioned are some easy and effective methods for speeding up your machine and following them can speed up Mac and make it as spontaneous as new.

Apart from above tips, you can also try out software like MacRepair.

That’s it! Give it a try and do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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