All of us are very well aware of the motion effects in iOS, but you might not know that the same feature is there in OS X Photos app too. This is just an eye glittering feature that presents your photos with attractive animations.

This is a good feature if you like to get your stuff in a well-presented way. The downside of the feature is that it sometimes slows down the performance. In case, you experience lags on your Mac while accessing pictures in Photos app, then turning off motions will surely help to make it open swiftly.

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How To Speed Up Photos on Mac

How to Speed up Photos in Mac OS X by Reducing Motion

Step #1. Open the Photos app on your Mac.

Step #2. Now go to Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Photos App on Mac

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Step #3. Under Preferences, go to General tab, if you aren’t there already.

Step #4. Now check the box that says “Reduce Motion“. This will disable all the fancy animation that takes place when you open any picture in Photos app.

Check Reduce Motion on Mac

Step #5. Close the Preferences menu and return to the Photos app and navigate through pictures. Instead of fancy animation and transitions, you’ll get the simple fading effect when you scroll through different pictures.

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You can turn it back ON by repeating the same process; just check back the box we mention at step 4. Turning motion OFF should definitely speed up scrolling of pictures in Photos app in Mac OS X.

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