Tips to Speed Up Face ID on iPhone X

These are simple yet quite effective ways to speed up iPhone X Face ID. Try them out and let us know if they make any difference or not:

So far, Touch ID has beaten Face ID as far as speed is concerned. But make no bones about it as the latter has just arrived and can get better just like the former. In the meantime, you can use these effective tricks to speed up Face ID on your iPhone X.

We have already created a post on “how to fix Face ID not working issue,” so just in case you don’t find it working up to the mark, do check it out. If you just wish to make the unlocking process a bit smooth-sailing, jump over to take a peek at the possible ways and means to breeze through the gap!

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How to Speed Up iPhone X Face ID

How to Speed Up Face ID on iPhone X

Glance At Your iPhone X and Swipe to Unlock At Once

Initially, while unlocking my iPhone, I would wait for the Face ID to verify my face and then I’d swipe up to go to Home screen. It was a bit slow process, and I thought that swipe gesture, in the end, was the culprit for the lagging (to some extent).

There is a very simple yet effective way to make the process of unlocking iPhone X a little faster. All you need to do is glance at your iPhone and swipe up at once; without waiting for the unlock sign. So, the moment Face ID finishes the work of verifying your face, you will be on your Home screen.

It will make a difference of a few seconds. Ditto!

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Disable Require Attention for Face ID

When this feature is on, the TrueDepth camera offers an additional layer of security by ensuring that you are looking at your device attentively.

Apart from providing extra security, it also makes sure your phone doesn’t unlock by mistake.

However, it slightly slows down the unlocking process. And just in case your sunglasses aren’t quite transparent to the infrared sensors of the facial recognition system, it will not allow the device to be unlocked. So, if you want to overcome this huddle and aren’t much bothered about security, turn it off.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Tap on General.

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Tap on Settings then General in iPhone X, 8, or iPhone 8 Plus

Step #2. Tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility on iPhone X

Step #3. Tap on Face ID & Attention.

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Tap on Face ID & Attention in iPhone X Settings

Step #4. Next, turn off Require Attention for Face ID.

Disable Required Attention for Face ID

Disable Required Attention for Face ID on iPhone X

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Going forward, you won’t require paying much attention to unlock your device. Though it will be less secure, it would suffice your purpose.

Keep your iPhone Updated

With every update, Face ID is going to get better; very much like Touch ID. So, whenever there is any update available, make sure to install it at the earliest. It’s one of the effective ways to enhance the performance of not just the facial recognition system but also the entire device. Tap on Settings → General → Software Update.

Update iOS on iPhone X, iPhone 8 or 8 Plus

Any Tip from You?

If you come across any viable trick of making Face ID work faster, do let us know that in the comments below. We have made multiple posts regarding it, so keep a tab on them if you need help.

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