How to Snooze Emails in Gmail on iPhone, Android, and Computer

Do you know that you can snooze emails until later in Gmail on your iPhone, iPad, Android, and computer? Read on to discover how “Snoozing” works in the redesigned Gmail. Besides, do share your valuable inputs about the latest Gmail avatar!

The completely redesigned and reimagined Gmail is finally out! Along with Smart Reply, Confidential Mode, Snoozed is my favorite feature. You can use this well thought out feature to postpone emails and temporarily remove them from your inbox in Gmail on your iPhone, iPad, or computer.

At any time you wish to bring the postponed emails into action, you can do so with ease. Besides, you will also be able to search your entire snoozed emails. It can play a pivotal role in letting you manage your emails effortlessly.

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How to Snooze Emails Until Later in Gmail on iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC

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Snooze Emails in Gmail on your Mobile Device

Ensure that you have the latest version of Gmail installed on your device. Since it’s a phased rollout, you might have to wait for sometime to get the new email app.

Step #1. Launch Gmail app on your device. Then, head over to the email you wish to snooze.

Step #2. Now, you need to tap on three dots located at the top-right corner.

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Tap on Three Dots in Gmail on iPhone, iPad, or Android

Step #3. Tap on Snooze from the Pop-up options.

Snooze Gmail Emails on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Step #4. You will get Six options, select the appropriate one (This step remains same for both iOS and Android devices.)

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Snooze Emails Until Later on iPhone, iPad, or Android

Keep in mind; if you select Someday, your email will remain in the “Snoozed” folder until you move it back to your inbox.

Find Snoozed Emails in Gmail on Mobile Devices

You can quickly access all of your snoozed emails and even be able to search through them.

Step #1. Open Gmail app on your device.

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Step #2. Tap on Menu at the top left corner of the screen.

Step #3. Next, select Snoozed (This step is the same for iDevice and Android device.)

Find Snoozed Emails in Gmail on iPhone, iPad or Android Phone

Now, check out all of your postponed emails. You will be able to easily search them and also bring them back to the inbox without any hassle.

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If you want to unsnooze your emails, select them → tap on Snoozed button and then select Unsnooze. The email will be moved to the respective folder.

Unsnooze Gmail Mails on iPhone or iPad

Unsnooze Mails in Gmail on Android Device

Snooze Emails Until Later in Gmail on Computer

Make sure you have switched to the new Gmail on your computer. If you are yet to do it, click on the settings icon at the top right and select Try new Gmail.

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Click on Try New Gmail on PC

Step #1. Open Gmail on your computer and then open an email.

Step #2. Now, click Snooze (Clock icon.)

Snooze Gmail Emails on PC

Step #3. Next, select a later day and time to get the email.

You can also manually select the date and time until you want the message to be postponed. To do so, click on Pick date and time → set the preferred date and time → click on Save.

Snooze Gmail Email Until Later on Computer

If you wish to snooze multiple emails, choose the mails. Then, click Snooze at the top.

One thing worth noting is that if you select Someday, your email will remain in the “Snoozed” folder until you bring it back in the inbox.

Find Snoozed Emails in Gmail on Computer

Step #1. Open Gmail on your computer.

Step #2. Now, click on Menu button at the top left corner and select Snoozed.

Check Snoozed Mails in Gmail on Computer

All the emails you had postponed will appear on the screen. You can search your messages and even unsnooze the ones you want to see in the inbox again.

Unsnooze Emails in Gmail on PC

Step #1. Open Gmail on your computer.

Step #2. Go to Snoozed folder as mentioned above → choose the emails you wish to bring back to the inbox → Click on Clock Icon.

Click on Clock Icon in Gmail Mail on Computer

Step #3. Next up, select Unsnooze.

Unsnooze Emails in Gmail on Computer

That’s all folks!

Over to you

So, that’s how you can keep some unwanted messages out of the way for a certain period of time. It’s a smart way to manage emails, isn’t it? Shoot your thoughts about it down below in the comments.

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