Shufflr is a new tweak on Cydia that aims to bring a popular Android feature to iOS 7: shuffling the lockscreen wallpaper automatically and randomly. Obviously, while the feature isn’t new, I think if you like to show off some of your photos on the lockscreen as wallpaper, this is the tweak you need.

I have been prowling the threads on Reddit in search of a tweak that’s similar and more features but Shufflr seems to be the only tweak at the moment that you can grab. It does a good job despite the limitations it has. Read on to find out what Shufflr does, how it works and more.

Shufflr iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

Shufflr changes the lockscreen wallpaper every time you lock your iPhone. It doesn’t change the homescreen/springboard wallpaper though so what you selected for the homescreen remains the same. With Shufflr installed and enabled, the photos from your camera roll get chosen at random and applied as the wallpaper for the lockscreen.

There are, as of now, two options in Shufflr.

  • There’s a kill switch to enable/disable Shufflr without a respring (thankfully).
  • Then, there’s a randomizer switch which will shuffle through the camera roll instead of just going through sequentially.

Shufflr, as obvious as it seems, has crucial limitations that I hope will be fixed in an update. The first one is not being able to pick an album specifically for the wallpaper. I don’t want all the camera roll photos to show up on the lockscreen.

Shufflr is $1.49 on the BigBoss repo and I feel that it’s a tad costly too. But of course, with features added, it might just seem a decent price tag. (although $0.99 is still a better one for a lockscreen wallpaper randomizer).

There’s a Cydget add-on here which aims to do this. But it involves a lot of work and doesn’t really cycle through an album from the Photos app. But give it a try if you want to tinker around.

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