How to Show Full Email Headers in Mail App in Mac OS X

Full Email header contains important information about the sender. Here we will guide you how to get it on the Mail app in Mac OS X, just follow the steps.

Spam Emails are one particular thing that annoys everyone. Spamming has reached to a level that when we receive any email from an unknown sender, we assume it to be spam, even though the email might be a genuine one. This is when full Email header can come to help. Today, we will guide you through the process of which you can see full email header in Mail app of Mac OS X.

The Email header contains some vital information about the sender. It includes IP address, domain, and many other things, which can be used to judge whether the Email is spam. It certainly isn’t useful for average users, but might come to help for advanced users who are aware of the terminology used in Email headers. Anyways, let’s proceed with the guide.

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How to View Full Email Header in Mail App in Mac OS X

Step #1. Launch the Mail app on your Mac and open any email for which you want the full header.

Step #2. Now open the “View” menu of the Mail app.

Step #3. Get your cursor on the “Message” option and then click on “All Headers.”

Show Full Email Header in Mail App on Mac

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That’s it; you’ll now get full header of that particular email. In case you wish to have full headers for another email, then open it and follow the above steps. You must have noticed that the same can be done using keyboard shortcut as well, given besides “All Headers.”

Full Header Email on Mac

Now, if you want to hide the full header of the email, then follow the above steps; at the last step, instead of clicking on “All Headers,” click on “Default Headers.” This will bring the standard Email header back. The same can also be done using the same keyboard shortcut.

Do you use full Email headers in Mail app? What is the information that you look for in Email header? Explain it to other users by commenting below on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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