Not a lot of people use Apple's stock Voice Memo app but for those that use it, there's one huge limitation: you can't export or share the voice memo except via Message or Email. And even then there's a file size limitation.

But given the fact that the stock Voice Memo app is probably one of the best recorders on iPhone, you don't want to mess up your recording process with other sophisticated apps. So what's the solution then?

ShareMemos is a Cydia tweak that lets you share/open the voice memos in other third-party apps like Dropbox, Whatsapp and even iFile. It's not very much unlike some of the tweaks that add more options to the share sheet via the ‘Open In' button. ShareMemos puts an Open In button in the share sheet for Voice Memo app. Tap this and you can share the memo in any third-party app that's supported.

How to Share Voice Memos from iPhone Using ShareMemos Cydia Tweak

Voice Memos are exported as m4a files but for longer files, as noted in the Support forums, it gets converted into mov file. Emailing the file to yourself or sending it as a Message is not exactly an easy way of exporting it out.

iTunes does support Voice Memos but then you'd be syncing your iPhone, then picking the voice memo out of iTunes on PC. Both of which are only adding more time to the process.

With ShareMemos installed, you could be recording a voice memo and then sharing it almost instantly to your Dropbox account or to a friend over a messaging app of your choice.

Back when we posted about Activity Pro, we tested the tweak out for the Voice Memo app but it didn't work particularly for the stock memo app. It was strange. And a little disappointing because back then I needed a tweak that would put some more export optionsĀ  to Voice Memos.

With ShareMemos, that problem is solved.

ShareMemos is available on the BigBoss repo for free.

  • Kathy Mack

    So, if I download the ShareMemos app, will it install malware or any other programs on my iPhone? I already have the memo in my iTunes on my laptop – can I use ShareMemos on my laptop and share the file from iTunes?