How to Share Slo-mo Videos on Whatsapp, Instagram etc. from iPhone 5s

We’ve written about how you can share slow-motion videos from your iPhone 5s on websites like Facebook and Instagram. Users still face issues when sending slo-mo videos over Whatsapp and Instagram and the workarounds are tedious.

What if a simple app could make your slo-mo video readable on almost all devices, across all platforms? What if it could send/share your slo-mo video on Instagram, Whatsapp, or export it as a normal video (but retaining the slow motion) to your camera roll?

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That’s precisely what Slo-Mo Export from Kenditech does.

Share Slo-mo Videos on Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram  from iPhone 5s

Slo-Mo Export is a very tiny app (relative to today’s app size standards) that exports slo-mo videos you captured on iPhone 5s. It exports the video so that it can be shared and played intact by other people on your network.

The Problem with iPhone 5s’s Slo-Mo Videos

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iPhone 5s records videos at 120fps which is, as yet, an unsupported frame rate (once the video is slowed down) for many devices included all previous iPhones. This is why, when you create a slo-mo video on iPhone 5s and share it via Whatsapp or Instagram, it does not play as a slow-motion video at all. Instead, it plays at 120fps, appearing to be a normal video.

What fun is it to record slo-mo videos if you can’t share them with your friends? Say, on Whatsapp?

The problem lies in exporting it as a compatible video, in altering the meta so that the video is playable on other devices even when they’re shared across services that don’t support such videos. That’s what Slo-Mo Export does.

Why Slo-Mo Export?

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  • With Slo-Mo Export, you can pick a slo-mo video from your library and share it directly on Instagram and Whatsapp (or open in other apps like Facebook to share)
  • Slo-Mo Export automatically ‘converts’ the file so that it’s compatible and plays correctly when it’s shared/uploaded/sent. Our previous workaround involved emailing the file to yourself and then sharing it from there.
  • Slo-Mo Export also adds something more: the ability to edit the slo-mo video in-app.

Slo-Mo Export works on iPhone 5s for iOS 7.

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Price: $0.99
Download Slo-Mo Export

Dhvanesh Adhiya
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