Share Multiple Photos and Videos at Once on Instagram on iPhone [How-to]

Thanks to a new feature dubbed as Carousel, you can now share multiple photos and videos at one go in Instagram on your iPhone and iPad.

Finally, you can share multiple photos and videos at one go in Instagram on your iPhone. So, after coming out of a memorable party, you will no longer have to spend a lot of time to let everyone know how you enjoyed those great moments.

Now, it takes just one shot to blast as many as 10 photos on Instagram. The post with multiple pics appears inline in your feed in a carousel format. It displays only the first pic of the post, other items can be viewed by swiping over it. Find out more!

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How to Share Multiple Photos and Videos at Once in Instagram on iPhone

How to Share Multiple Photos and Videos at Once in Instagram on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Instagram on your iOS device.

Step #2. Next, tap on the “+” tab at the bottom.

Tap on Plus Icon in Instagram on iPhone

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Step #3. Tap on Library → Tap on the “Select Multiple” button.

Select Muliple Photos in Instagram on iPhone

Step #4. Next up, you have to select up to 10 photos and videos from your photo library. Tap on the pic and then touch the screen to adjust it perfectly in the frame → Once you are done, tap on Next at the top right.

Note: You are allowed to share posts as a square, not as a portrait or landscape.

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Tap on Next After Selecting Multiple Photos in Instagram

Step #5. Up next, tap a filter at the bottom of the screen to apply it to every photo you have selected. Then, tap a photo to edit it and add filters one by one.

Apply Filter to Instagram Photos on iPhone

Step #6. To change the order of your photos, you need to tap and hold one then drag it to another spot.

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Step #7. To remove a photo from the post, you have to tap and hold one, then drag it to the trash button at the top of the screen. Then, tap on Next at the top right.

Remove Photos from Instagram Multiple Photos

Step #8. Just like any other post, you can add location and caption for your post, and tag your friends in each photo → Tap Tag People and then select the person you want to tag → Finally, Tap on Share.

Note: If you want to disable comments, tap on the Advanced Settings at the bottom and toggle off the switch next to Turn Off commenting. Even after you have published the post, you will be able to adjust the setting through the menu at the top of the post.

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Turn Off Comments in Instagram on iPhone

  • In Feed, the first photo of the post will appear with a row of dots below it. You need to swipe over to view the rest of the photos.
  • On your profile section, the first photo of the post will feature the Carousel icon at the top right. To view the rest of the photos, tap on the post and then swipe.
  • Just like any other post, your followers can like and comment on this post.
  • Comments and likes will appear on the entire post instead of the individual photos.
  • You have the option to edit the caption or location of the post with the multiple pics.
  • You can’t reorder, edit or delete parts of the post once you have shared it.
  • In case, you no longer want to keep the post, you get the option to delete the entire post.
  • Besides, you are not allowed to change the accounts you have tagged in your post.

Wrapping Up

I like this new functionality to post multiple photos at once. It’s indeed time-saving and brings more convenience into the play.

The only thing that you need to have to quickly unleash all those fun-loving pics instantly is a good Internet connection as, without it, you won’t be able to post them quickly.

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