Did you know that you can share your location (from Apple Maps) via iMessage?

Apple’s Maps (and other maps apps) actually provide a way to share the location with other people via Messages, Email and often even Facebook or other social networks. This is a particularly useful feature: people on the move (or travelers) often find it easier to share their location to their friends so they can catch up fast.

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So how do you actually do it?

Here’s how to share your location via the Messages app.

Share Your Map Location via iMessage

  • Open Maps and drop a pin at your location
  • Now, tap on the ‘blue icon’
  • Scroll down and tap on Share Location

How to Share Map Location via iMessage

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  • Select Messages

Share Map Location via iMessage

  • Enter the name/number of the person you want to send the location too and hit Send!

This thing works best with Apple Maps (and it has been growing good over the months). Every other app that offers a share option usually offers a share via message option too. We even tested it out with offline maps and most of them let you share the location via Message.

The Share Location option on the Maps app also lets you share via Email and Facebook. A few other Maps apps actually let you share locations via other channels to.

When you share a location via the Messages app, it can get sent either as an iMessage or a text. When the recipient uses iMessage (and you are on iMessage too), the location gets sent as an iMessage. If not, the location gets sent as a link. Tapping on this link, the Maps app opens up the location.

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