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How to Share Apple Maps Location via iMessage on iPhone/iPad

iMessage is one of the favorite apps among iPhone users. Its secure end-to-end encryption protects your privacy and this is what sets it apart from other messaging apps. But besides that, iMessage can do a lot of other cool stuff, like sharing your Map Location via iMessage app. This helps in case when you wish to send your exact location to someone, who is trying to reach you.

If you are a hardcore iPhone user, you may already know how to do it. But if you have recently migrated to iPhone from other smartphones, you may need a little assistance. This guide here will help you out, so just head south, follow the steps and start sharing your Map location with your family and friends.

How to Share Your Map Location via iMessage

Note: Make sure you have Turned ON location service from SettingsPrivacyLocation Services.

Tap on Settings then Privacy on iPhone or iPadEnable Location Services on iPhone or iPad

Also, make sure you have a working internet connection.

Step #1. Open Maps and give it a couple of seconds to track your location.

Step #2. Tap on the “Red Pinned” icon.

Step #3. From the pop-up menu, tap on Share My Location.

Tap on Share My Location in Maps on iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Tap on “Message.” Enter the name/number of the person you want to send the location too and hit Send!

Share Apple Maps Location in Message on iPhone or iPad

That’s it!

Wrapping up…

This thing works best with Apple Maps (and it has been growing good over the months). Every other app that offers a share option usually offers a share via message option too. We even tested it out with offline maps and most of them let you share the location via Message.

The Share Location option on the Maps app also lets you share via Email and Facebook. A few other Map apps actually let you share locations via other channels too.

When you share a location via the Messages app, it can get sent either as an iMessage or a text. When the recipient uses iMessage (and you are on iMessage too), the location gets sent as an iMessage. If not, the location gets sent as a link. Tapping on this link, the Maps app opens up the location.

That’s all!

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Do you use Maps app on iPhone or iPad? Or you use other apps for navigation. Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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