How to Share Your Location Through Family Sharing on iPhone or iPad

Family Sharing in iOS 8 brings a ton of family-oriented integration between multiple iDevices used by all family members. You can share content (apps, songs, movies, TV-shows) with your family, you can share calendar events quickly, there’s a ton of photo-sharing and much more.

One of the things that Family Sharing includes is “locations”. With Family Sharing and Find My iPhone, you can find out where exactly each family member is at the moment (provided the members in a family share their location).

How to Setup your iPhone/iPad to Share Location through Family Sharing in iOS 8

How to Share Location Through Family Sharing in iOS 8

Basic requirements:

  • Your iCloud account should be part of a family (someone should have added you to a family sharing account or you should be the head of the family sharing account.)
  • Find My iPhone should be turned on;
  • You should have enabled Location Services (Settings -> General -> Privacy)

How to Share Your Location Through Family Sharing in iOS 8

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on iCloud

iCloud Setting for Location Sharing

  • Scroll down and you should find Share My Location under the label Advanced. Tap on this

Share My Location in iOS 8

  • Switch on Share My Location

Enable Share My Location in iOS 8

When you do this, your device’s location will start showing up on other members’s Find My iPhone (on

If you have multiple devices with the same iCloud account, you can even select the device’s that will relay their locations.

How to Share Your Location Through Family Sharing in iOS 8

For instance, if you have an iPhone and an iPad, you can choose to share the location of iPhone only by selecting iPhone and deselecting iPad.

If you don’t want to share locations to your family members, all you need to do is switch off Share My Location. That will prevent your family members from seeing your device’s location.

How to view where a family member is?

  • To see where a family member is, you can log on to and click on Find My iPhone
  • You can also use the Find My Friends app to locate family members right on your iPhone/iPad

Note that all this is possible only when family members have chosen to share their locations. If they haven’t, you will still be able to see their device listed but you won’t be able to see where they are.

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