How to Share iPhone Contacts with WhatsApp

More than 800 million active users worldwide speak volumes about the global popularity of WhatsApp. On every smartphone, WhatsApp has now become an inevitable app. With such humongous reach and mass appeal, it goes without saying that people exchange so many things on this instant messaging app; they like to share instant messages, photos, videos, audio and user location also.

Apart from sharing the above content, people also share contacts using WhatsApp on their iPhones. Though some iPhone users know how to send iPhone contacts on WhatsApp, there are quite a few who get stuck when they have to share contacts. For new iPhone users, the following are a few simple steps.

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How to Share Your iPhone Contacts with WhatsApp

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the Contacts.

Tap on Contacts on WhatsApp

Step #3. Tap on a contact name with whom you want to share contact.

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WhatsApp Contact List on iPhone

Step #4. You can see Contact Info on your iPhone; scroll down and tap on Send Message.

Tap On Send Message on WhatsApp Contact on iPhone

Step #5. Now tap on the Up Arrow on the left side of Text Box.

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Tap on Up Arrow on WhatsApp in iPhone

Step #6. A menu of four options (Take Photo or Video, Photo/Video Library, Share Location, and Share Contact) will pop up; tap on Share Contact.

Tap on Share Contact on WhatsApp

Step #7. Select the contact from the phone book of your iPhone.

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Select iPhone Contact to Share on WhatsApp

Step #8. Now tap on Send.

Send iPhone Contact with WhatsApp

The contact you wanted to share is now sent.

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Step #1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Chat then Tap on Compose Icon from right corner.

Tap Compose Message on WhatsApp in iPhone

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Step #3. Search for the contact name with whom you want to share contact.

Search WhatsApp Contact on iPhone

Follow the steps from #4 to #8.

Unlike Android, iOS doesn’t allow you to send contacts from phonebook via WhatsApp. Please note that you can send the contact to your WhatsApp contacts only, i.e. the receiver has to be one of your WhatsApp contacts and the contact number you send comes from the phone book of your iPhone.

Watch out this video to know how to share contacts with WhatsApp:

That’s all folks!

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