How to Share iCloud Folders from iPhone and iPad in iOS 13.4

With iOS 13.4, you can now share iCloud folders on iPhone and iPad. Interestingly, this folder sharing option is automatically synced across your Apple devices. So suppose you share a folder from one iPhone, you can change access rights, add more people, or stop sharing it from Files app on your other iPhone or iPad. Let’s dig right into it!

How to Share iCloud Folders in iOS 13.4 and iPadOS 13.4

  1. Open Files app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on iCloud Drive.
  3. Next, touch and hold on the folder you want to share → Tap Share from the popup
  4. Scroll down and tap Add People.
    Touch and Hold the Folder and Tap on Share and Add People in Files App
  5. Now we have multiple sharing controls. Tap on Share Options. For ‘WHO CAN ACCESS’ and ‘PERMISSION’ select according to your preference. After that, tap <Add People to go back.
    Tap on Share Options and Select the Access Preference in Files App
  6. Finally, choose an app to share the link or invite people. I am selecting Messages.
  7. Type the contact name and tap on blue send icon to share.
    Share iCloud Folder on iPhone using Messages

Done! You have shared an iCloud folder successfully.

How to Change Access Rights of Shared ‌iCloud‌ Folders

When you made the first decision to share a folder, you may have chosen a sharing option that does not suit you well now. For example, earlier, you may have allowed the people to make changes, but now you want to modify it to ‘View only.’ Similarly, you may now want to remove a particular participant from accessing it. So, here is how to change the permission of a shared iCloud Drive folder.

  1. Open Files app on your iPhone and touch and hold on the shared folder.
  2. Tap on ShareShow People.
    Tap on Show People of a Shared ‌iCloud‌ Folder in FIles App
  3. Tap on Share Options and change the access rights accordingly.
    Change Access Rights of a Shared ‌iCloud‌ Folder on iPhone

In case there are many people, to revoke access of a particular person, tap on the person’s name. Here you may tap Remove Access or change permission: ‘Can make changes’ or ‘View Only.’

How to Stop iCloud Folder Sharing on iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Files app and locate the shared folder. It will have the text ‘Shared by Me’ below it
  2. Touch and hold the folder icon and tap Share.
  3. Here you will see Show People (instead of Add People). Tap on it.
    Touch and Hold Folder and tap on Share and Show People in Files App
  4. Tap on Stop Sharing and then tap on OK to confirm.
    Stop Sharing iCloud Folders on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13.4

Note: If you wish to remove a particular invitee, tap on that person’s name and then tap ‘Remove Access.’

Wrapping up…

I hope this tutorial was helpful, and you uncovered a new productivity trick. What do you think about iCloud Drive in general? Do you think it has a chance to stand against established players like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box, etc.? Share your opinion in the comments down below.

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