How to Share GIF Animations on Mac with GIF Keyboard

How to Share GIF Animations on Mac

Experts on Apple products always weigh software, an app or a product against another; and sometimes, the comparison is carried out among the products manufactured by Apple.

In October this year, Apple rolled out GIF Keyboard, an app that can be downloaded on Mac and iOS devices. Though the name of the app is the same, it doesn’t act similarly on iOS devices and Mac. On your iOS device, GIF Keyboard works as a third-party keyboard, but on Mac, it has no such implementation.

How to Share GIF Animations on Mac with GIF Keyboard

While GIF Keyboard runs in the menu bar on OS X, it is not the same story in iOS version. However, Mac and iOS users can share GIF animations quickly and efficiently by using GIF Keyboard.

Interestingly, this GIF Keyboard was selected by Apple as one of the best Mac apps for 2015; it is free for the Mac App Store. Now if you have downloaded GIF Keyboard, you can start exploring this app; and if you haven’t, you can download the app.

This app runs in the OS X menu bar in the upper-right corner of Mac’s screen. Click on GIF Keyboard’s menu bar icon and you can see links to recent, favorite, and saved GIF animations. You can also check a toolbar that boasts the latest reactions, trending, and music-centric GIFs.

GIF Keyboard has a special feature that provides you with a facility to search any particular animation quickly. For example, if you want to find an animation for “feeling awesome,” type in the same in the search box and you will get all beautiful GIF animations.

But finding your favorite GIF animation is not enough; you need to share it. And to share it via messages app, just drag-and-drop into the app, and your friend will be surprised by this new GIF animation.

Alternatively, just click on a GIF and it will be copied to the clipboard; as a third option, you can click on the ellipsis in the bottom-right corner of any animation. You will see a drop-down menu with options like Copy GIF, Add To Favorites etc.

You can also save your favorite GIFs and upload your own GIFs; for the latter, you need to link the GIF to a Riffsy account (Riffsy is the company behind GIF Keyboard).

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