How to Share Live Route ETA in Apple Maps in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad

With Apple Maps in iOS 13, you can now share your live ETA to your contacts; this feature is extremely handy and useful. So let us dive deeper and know more about sharing your live ETA with your Friends in Apple Maps on your iPhone and iPad.

Apple this year, has done remarkable changes and stood-up on people’s expectations. With iOS 13 update Apple users have a lot of new features to explore, but Sharing live ETA is one of the most captivating features of Apple Maps.

This functionality allows iPhone or iPad users to share their ETA (Estimated time of arrival) along with other details such as their current location, route, and destination to one or more contacts. Once you’ve shared your ETA, it will update automatically, so the recipient always knows if you hit the traffic or you are arriving late.

The recipient will get notified for specifying your ETA, clicking on that will take them to the Apple Maps where they can track your route and location on a real-time basis. However, if the recipient isn’t on iOS 13 or they are using Android device then maps will periodically send “current updates” in the form of text messages.

How to Share Your ETA in Real Time with Others in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. First off, Open Apple Maps on your device.

Open Apple Maps on iPhone running iOS 13

Step #2. Now, Search for your destination you wish to share and then tap on DirectionsGo to start the navigation.

Find the destination and tap on Go to start to navigate in iOS 13 Apple Maps

Step #3. Next, tap on Share ETA at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on Share ETA in iOS 13 Apple Maps

Step #4. Now, it will show up the most frequent contacts, if you wish to find more, tap on Contacts and select the one who you wish to share.

Tap on Contacts and Choose the contact you wish to Share ETA route in iOS 13 Apple MapsEven you can choose more person with whom you want to share your ETA with.

Share Live Route ETA with Your Friends Using Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad

Done !! Your contacts can now track your journey.

You can even set up Share ETA to automatically notify to your personal contacts every time you start a journey to certain places. Let us quickly go over the steps to know how it works.

How to Automatically Share ETA of Favorite Places with your Personal Contacts on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Apple Maps → Add a place as a favorite or use the one from your favorite list.

Step #2. Now tap on See All in the favorite section.

Tap on See All Next to Favourites in iOS 13 Apple Maps

Step #3. Next up, tap on button next to the location name, that will take you to the details screen.

Tap on i icon in iOS 13 Apple Maps

Step #4. Now, tap on Add Person in the Share ETA section (you can select one or more contacts here). Finally, tap on Done.

Automatically Share ETA of Favorite Places with Friends on iPhone and iPad

Now every time you start a journey to that place your personal contacts will automatically be notified with your ETA.

Give it a try…

So, this was all about the new Share ETA feature in iOS 13 that Apple Maps offers. I encourage all of you to give this a try and share your experience with us.

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