All the Maps-mishap aside, iOS 6 does have several great features to rejoice about. One of my personal favorites is this multiple-signature for Mail which is as cool as it can get.

Multiple Signatures

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Okay, they aren’t exactly new to Mail apps but this is the first time iOS has this feature where you can set different signatures for different accounts. As an example:

Multiple Email Signatures in iOS 6

If you have configured your Mail app to fetch email from your iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo email accounts, you can set up signatures so that each mail account gets a different signature. Naturally, when you send a mail from the account (iCloud/Gmail/Yahoo), the corresponding signature is appended to the email!

Pretty neat, huh?

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How to Set Multiple Email Signatures in iOS 6 / 6.0.1?

So the first thing you will notice is that setting up this multiple signature is really and totally simple. This is how it goes:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Scroll down to find Signatures. Tap on it.Mail Signature Settings iPhone and iPad
  • There are two options now: All Accounts, Per Account.
  • Tap on the Per Account option and you will see the multiple signature boxes open up.

Setup Multiple Signatures iOS 6

For this to happen, you will first have to add enough email accounts. Have a couple of email accounts configured and synced and you can then try the above steps.

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As you can see, you can have different signatures for the various accounts you have enabled/configured on your iPhone/iPad.

And How Does It Work?
When you reply from your Gmail account (or create a new message from the same), the signature that gets appended will be the one you have set for Gmail. The same goes for iCloud and other email accounts too. Basically, as simple as it can get.

Below is a video teaching how to setup multiple email signatures in iPhone:

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