How to Set Up Location-based Reminders on iPhone

To ensure I never miss out on important things, I often create location-based reminders on my iPhone. Case in point, a location-based car parking reminder saves my day in helping me easily find the vehicle at a jam-packed area!

Whenever I’m going for a shopping spree, I prefer to make a list of all the things I’ve to buy. Along with the chit sheet, I make sure to create a location-based reminder on the iPhone so that as soon as I reach the shopping center, I’ll be reminded of all the necessary things.

Location-based alerts can be helpful for several other things. For instance, you can set your device to remind you at a specific place so that you don’t forget to visit a landmark when traveling. Moreover, you can also create reminders that alert you getting in or out of your Car to keep the hassle away. Enough talk; let’s get going!

How to Create Location-based Reminders on iPhone

Ensure that you have allowed Reminders app to access your location. If you haven’t done it already, open Settings app → Privacy → Location Services → turn on the switch next to Location Services → Reminders → While using the App.

Step #1. Open the Reminders app on your iPhone.

Open Reminders app on your iPhone

Step #2. Tap on an empty space to create a new reminder and add some description to the reminder.

Create a new reminder on iPhone

Step #3. Now, tap on “i” icon to the right of the reminder.

Tap on i icon next to the reminders on iPhone

Step #4. Turn on the switch next to Remind me on a day. Then, tap on Alarm to set the date and time.

Turn ON Remind me on a day switch and then tap on Alarm on Reminders app on iPhone

Set the date and time of the reminder on iPhone

Check out the option to choose the frequency for the reminder. Tap on Repeat then you can choose to get the alert Every Day, Every Week, Every Year, etc.

Tap on Repeat to set frequency for the reminder on iPhone

Or choose to set custom frequency, To do so, tap on Custom. Then, hit the Frequency and select from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

Set Custom frequency for the reminder on iPhone

Next up, tap on Every and choose whether the event will occur every day, every 2 days, every 3 days, etc.

Set Custom Every Day frequency for the reminder on iPhone

Step #5. Turn on the switch next to Remind me at a location. Then, tap on Location and enter the address where you wish to get the alert.

Create Location-based Reminders on iPhone

Next, you have two options:

  • When I arrive: Get the reminder when you reach the location.
  • When I leave: Get the alert when leaving the location.

Get the reminder when you reach or leave the location on iPhone

Select any of the option based on your need.

Note: You can tweak the circle on the map to set the alert to go off at a particular distance from the chosen location. To do so, use your two fingers to adjust the distance.

Step #6. Tap on back button (<).

Tap on back button in Reminders app on iPhone

Now, you can set the priority for it, add it to a list and even add an important note.

Step #7. In the end, hit Done at the top right to confirm.

Tap on Done to confirm in Reminders app on iPhone

That’s pretty much it! Now, as soon as you arrive at or leave the specific location, you will receive the reminder.

If you ever feel like making some adjustment, tap on the event and then hit the “i” button. Next, edit it as desired.

Video: How to Set Up Location Based Reminder on iPhone

Wrapping up…

Now that you’ve discovered how this nifty little tip works, make the most of it. I’m sure it can be enormously helpful in making this go as planned.

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