To new users of iPhone (iPad, iPod Touch etc.), “Find My iPhone” can be a fantastic feature to set up. It helps you locate your iPhone/iOS Device and once you set it up, it can also help you protect the data on your iPhone remotely.

While a lot of users do not use the feature, we wanted to promote the feature to new users who just got their iPhones setup. So here we are:

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Find My iPhone is basically an iCloud-based feature. “Find My iPhone” lets you track your iPhone, protect the data on it and attach some more actions to the iPhone remotely. You can access Find My iPhone via, or through the app for iPhone/iPad via App Store. The app is free.

How to Setup Find My iPhone

How to Setup Find My iPhone for My iDevice

Setting up Find My iPhone is easy and it does not involve any app installation. Every iPhone that’s equipped with iCloud comes with the Find My iPhone feature.

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To set it up Find My iPhone:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to iCloud
  • Scroll down and enable Find My iPhone
  • Your iPhone is now ready to be tracked.

Find My iPhone

How to Track and use Find My iPhone?

  • Go to and login to your Apple account.
  • Click on Find My iPhone
  • Click on ‘Devices’ on top-left.
  • Your iPhone should now be listed here. Click on it and you see the tracking going on the map.

How to Track and use Find My iPhone

There are a few things you can do to your iPhone now. Just in case your iPhone is misplaced or lost, you can lock it down, erase the data (remote wipe) or play a tone on the iPhone to locate it when it’s nearby.

How to Remove an iPhone from Find My iPhone

Suppose there’s a long-gone iPhone or iDevice that’s still on the list, you might want to remove it. Here’s how:

  • Go to and click on Find My iPhone
  • Click on the Devices tab on top-left
  • A device that’s shown as offline (not tracked) can be deleted. See the ‘x’ icon on the right of the device listing? click it.
  • Once iCloud has recognized that the device is not connected to Find My iPhone, it will remove the device from the list.
  • You’ll be asked to confirm the removal. Click on Remove.

How to Remove an iPhone from Find My iPhone

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