How to Setup and Enable Automatic Downloads in iTunes on Mac and Windows

Automatic Download option in iTunes on Mac is used to sync apps, movies, and games to all your Apple Devices instantly. If you wish to configure it, then check out the guide here.

If you have multiple Apple devices, then you would probably be familiar with Automatic Download feature that Apple offers. It is nothing but syncing apps, music, movies, and other things among different Apple devices you own. For example, if you have downloaded a particular app on your iPhone, it will be automatically downloaded on your iPad as well. Of course, you’ll need to have the same Apple ID associated with every device.

This is surely of great help but not in every case. That’s because every device is intended for a specific use and you might want to setup automatic download feature to suit your needs, that’s what we will teach you in this post. Just follow this simple guide and you’ll be using it like a pro.

How to Setup Auto Download in iTunes on Mac

How to Setup Automatic Downloads in iTunes on Mac and Windows

Step #1. Launch iTunes on your Mac.

Step #2. At the menu bar, click on Store and then click on “Authorize This Computer“.

Click on Authorize This Comuputer in iTunes on Mac

You’ll be asked to enter the password for your Apple ID.

Sign In to iTunes on Mac

Step #3. Now click on iTunes and then click on “Preferences“.

Click on Preferences in iTunes on Mac

Step #4. In the iTunes preferences, go to “Store” tab → Under Automatic Download section, uncheck all the boxes that you wish to disable for automatic download.

Setup Automatic Downloads in iTunes in Mac

Once you are done with the things, click on “OK” button to save the changes.

Voila! Now you can download anything on your iPhone and it will not be downloaded on any of your other Apple devices. This feature helps mostly for apps, which we don’t need on every device we own. At the same time, automatic download for songs and movies is very helpful because we never know what we would like to watch or listen while playing with our iPhone or iPad.

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