With every Apple count, you get a 5GB iCloud storage space. This is a cloud storage which works as a backup too, for all your iOS data. Most users have this turned on by default so all their photos, videos, emails, app data and other data get stored on the cloud safely.

You should use iCloud’s Storage and backup service because it’s built right into the iOS system. Like it’s hard-wired so you don’t have to worry about manual backups in iTunes.

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With a 5Gb storage space which can be extended with yearly plans (ranging from $20/year), you can actually store quite a lot of your photos and videos. Unlike an iTunes backup, however, iCloud backup is easier to setup, configure and manage.

How to Setup iCloud on iPhone

Let’s take a look at how you can get started with iCloud storage & backup:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on iCloud
  • Scroll way down and tap on Storage & Backup

How to Manage iCloud Storage and Backup on iPhone

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  • Tap on Manage Storage
  • Now, you can actually turn ON/OFF whichever apps you want to backup/store.

How to Manage iCloud Storage

For scheduling automatic backups:

  • Switch on the iCloud Backup toggle

How to Take iCloud Backup on iPhone

  • Once you’ve switched it on, you can tap on Back Up Now to start the backup. It’s usually recommended that you plugin the iPhone to the power source and be on Wifi as backup eats up a lot of data.

The Benefit of an iCloud Backup

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One of the biggest advantages of having an iCloud backup is that you can set up any new device from this iCloud backup and it will have all the data and the status just as you had on your older device.

Besides this, iCloud offers a safer way to store all data like photos, contacts, emails, and even app data. Interestingly, while you can access these data from another iOS device set to access the backup, you can always log into your iCloud account and get hold of data like contacts, Reminders, Notes, Calendar events etc.

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iCloud Storage & Backup also makes sure that all the data that’s on the storage/backup is latest.