How to Turn On iCloud Backup on iPhone or iPad

New to Apple ecosystem? First thing you should do is to set up an iCloud backup for your iPhone and iPad. Next is to manage it efficiently. Here’s how you should do it, read for more details.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will definitely have an iCloud account. Start using it for regular backup of your iDevices. If you have Setup and Enabled iCloud backup, you are unlikely to lose data in case you restore your device, or even if you lose your device completely.

With every Apple account, you get free 5GB of iCloud storage space, which you can use for backing up your data like photos, videos, notes, music, and also app data. One of the main reason to use this free service is that it is built for Apple ecosystem, and it will make things a lot easier for you when you work on different Apple devices sharing the same Apple ID.

How to Enable and Manage iCloud Backup on iPhone or iPad

If you are new to the Apple ecosystem, this guide here will help you setup your iCloud backup on iPhone or iPad. So stay tuned and follow all the steps.

Let’s take a look at how you can get started with iCloud storage & backup:

Step #1. Go to Settings → Tap on your Apple ID.

Tap on Settings then Profile Name on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Now tap on iCloud.

Tap on iCloud in iPhone or iPad Settings

Step #3. Tap on iCloud Backup and then, Toggle “iCloud Backup.”

Enable iCloud Backup on iPhone or iPad

Step #4. Return back to the iCloud screen, and you’ll see list of Apps you can back up to iCloud account. You can turn ON/OFF whichever apps you want to backup/store.

Manage iCloud Backup on iPhone or iPad

When you enable to iCloud Backup, it will also enable automatic backup by default. So there isn’t much you need to do now, except selecting the app for which you wish to have a regular backup from the list. Just in case, if you wish to backup your data right now, you can tap on “Back Up Now” by going to SettingsApple IDiCloudiCloud Backup.

Take iCloud Backup on iPhone or iPad

That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

One of the biggest advantages of having an iCloud backup is that you can set up any new device from this iCloud backup and it will have all the data and the status just as you had on your older device. Besides this, iCloud offers a safer way to store all data like photos, contacts, emails, and even app data.

Interestingly, while you can access these data from another iOS device set to access the backup, you can always log into your iCloud account and get hold of data like contacts, Reminders, Notes, Calendar events etc.iCloud Storage & Backup also makes sure that all the data that’s on the storage/backup is latest.

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