How to Set up Emergency Medical ID in iOS 8.x on iPhone/iPad

Of the many new additions to iOS 8.0, the Health app had a lot of limelight focused on it. While we haven’t yet seen it in its entirety (functionally), the app is a very promising candidate for a complete health-related integration within iOS.

The Health app also comes with a feature called Emergency Medical ID. The Medical ID section lets you store all your important medical information so that it’s available in a one-tap access. You will have to setup the Emergency Medical ID in iOS 8.x so that it’s accessible for yourself and others when the need arises.

How to Setup Emergency Medical ID in iOS 8.x on iPhone and iPad

How to Set up Emergency Medical ID in iOS 8.x on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open the Health app

Tap on Health App in iOS 8
Step #2. Tap on Medical ID menu at the bottom
Tap on Medical ID in iOS 8

Step #3. If you haven’t set up any info for Medical ID yet, tap on Create Medical ID

Tap on Create Medical ID on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

Step #4. Fill up all the details for medical conditions, allergies, notes etc. Remember: this info is for quick access in case something happens to you or in case someone needs to read up on your medical condition and allergies. Make sure you mention emergency contacts in case of medical emergencies.

Fill up Medical Conditions Details in Medical ID in iOS 8

Step #5. You might also want to enable the Show When Locked switch. Enabling this means your medical ID info will be visible even without unlocking the lockscreen. (Useful for emergencies.)

Setup Emergency Medical ID in iOS 8

That’s it. Once you’ve filled them all, quit the Health app.

You can check if these data are accessible by the following procedure:

  • Lock the iPhone’s screen
  • Swipe to the passcode screen
  • Tap on Emergency

Tap on Emergency

  • You should see a link for Medical ID. Tap on this. All your relevant Medical ID info should pop up.

Emergency Medical ID on iPhone

You’ll notice that although the information is visible without locking the screen, it’s not configurable or editable. You can also control what info is visible.