Update: WhatsApp Web is officially available on iPhone. So you don't need to Jailbreak your iPhone for this very purpose. Here is how to enable and setup WhatsApp web with iPhone.

Not too long ago when WhatsApp introduced its WhatsApp Web, many iPhone users felt a bit disappointed. Since WhatsApp Web is limited to only Android and Windows, iPhone owners aren’t able to use this. Though WhatsApp officially confirmed that it will soon bring WhatsApp Web for iPhone too, there is no certainty as to when it is going to arrive.

How to Setup and Use WhatsApp Web with iPhone Using WhatsAppWebEnabler

If you don’t know what WhatsApp Web does, it lets you use WhatsApp from PC or Mac. What if you want to use WhatsApp on web browser with iPhone as well, is there any way to make it happen?

WhatsApp Web Enabler is the new Cydia tweak that lets you add WhatsApp Web to your iPhone. Developed by iMokhles, it strives to provide you an amazing experience of how you can use WhatsApp Web on your iOS device. Let's check out how you can enable it on your iPhone!

How To Set Up And Use WhatsApp Web On iPhone Using WhatsApp Web Enabler:

Step #1. Install WhatsApp Web Enabler from BigBoss repo for free.

Step #2. Once you have installed this tweak, launch Settings app

Step #3. Scroll down and tap on WhatsApp Web Enabler.

Step #4. You will see the kill switch right on top on the tweak. Switch on the enable button.

Enable WhatsAppWebEnabler TweakStep #5. Launch WhatsApp.

Step #6. Tap on Settings from the bottom right corner.

Step #7. Tap on WhatsApp Web.

Step #8. Go to web.whatsapp.com on your computer and scan the QR code.

Setup WhatsAppWebEnabler in WhatsApp on iPhoneStep #9. Once the QR code is scanned, you can access WhatsApp from the web browser.

That’s all!

During our experiment, we found WhatsApp Web Enabler full of bugs and hence when we scanned QR code it seemed to have completely frozen WhatsApp and couldn't work as expected. However, we do expect this interesting tweak to get rectified soon. Hopefully, iMokhles updates it and let millions of iOS users make the most of WhatsApp Web service.

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  • josemazcorro

    whats is “WhatsApp Web Enabler from BigBoss”?? my
    phone is not jail-braked…

  • Moww

    Doesn’t work i cant find the tool in sittings

  • Shaji

    is this option available in iphone 4

    • No. This option isn’t available in iPhone 4.

    • Agario Türkçe

      yes its works ı tried

      • Dhina

        how it is works???

      • Dhina

        plz tell me how to do that???

  • sekmo

    use telegram. Official native apps for windows phone, mac, ios, everything!!!!

    • Oscardu

      and chat with… nobody, cause nobody uses telegram. not a solution.

      • sekmo

        depends on your company :-)

  • ArmorDulo

    crash ios 6.1.6 3Gs

  • Casey Chan

    worked like magic! thanks :))

  • T0uchThePeRFecti0n

    Keeps crashing everytime on my iphone 5 with ios 7.0.4

  • J

    Works like a charm! thank you

  • Chaba Leyva Hernández

    Doesn’t work on iPod Touch 4G. Have contacted the developer about this (Using WhatsPad)

  • Hitmee Hard

    doesnt work!

  • wied

    doesn’t work. I’m using Whatsapp stock (not beta) v2.12.1

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  • shaheen

    it works now.. i am using it right now.

    Thank you

  • Robert

    Don`t work :(