iCloud Tabs is that simple but magical thing that keeps me organized even when I’ve got some fifty tabs open on my computer but I want them on my iPad. And it’s that feature on all your iOS devices that will help you continue your browsing on all devices seamlessly.

iCloud Tab is a simple solution that helps you do two things: first off, keep reading across all devices without having to bookmark or keep a list of URLs you have to read. Secondly, the feature makes sure you can, just like iCloud documents, continue your work from any place: iPhone, iPad or whatever other device that’s configured with your iCloud credentials.

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To use iCloud Tab is easy.

How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on your iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC

Here’s what we got:

1). Setup iCloud on all the devices that you use.

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  • For iDevices here’s what you need to do: Go to Settings → iCloud → Turn on Safari

For Mac, Apple Menu → System Preferences → iCloud and setup the account while making sure to checkmark Safari.

For Windows, you’ll need to follow the same procedure but within the iCloud Control Panel software.

2). Once iCloud is setup on all devices, connected through the same account, you can now browse websites and open as many tabs as you want.

3). In iPhone/iPad, you can access the iCloud tabs like this:

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  • Open Safari
  • Tap on the bookmark icon (second from right) on the bottom menu
  • Tap on iCloud Tabs
  • This shows a list of tabs open on other devices. Access them as you wish.

On your Mac/PC when you open Safari, click on the iCloud icon and a list of all tabs open in other iOS devices (or other connected devices) will show up. Access them from here.

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You might run into trouble if you use multiple iCloud accounts or if you haven’t checked Safari in iCloud sync. Once you do that, you’re set for iCloud tabs and it’s one of the coolest ways to continue browsing websites seamlessly across multiple devices.