How to Use iCloud Safari Tabs on your iPhone, iPad and Mac or PC

You can quickly set up iCloud Tabs on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to seamlessly access URLs across multiple devices. Learn here how to set it up the right way.

iCloud Tabs is a simple but very convenient thing that keeps me organized even when I’ve got some fifty tabs open on my computer, but I want them on my iPad. And it’s that feature on all your iOS devices that will help you continue your browsing on all devices seamlessly.

The feature lets me do two things: First off, keep reading across all devices without having to bookmark or keep a list of URLs you have to read. Secondly, it makes sure you can continue your work from any place, just like iCloud documents: iPhone, iPad or whatever other devices that are configured with your iCloud credentials.

Before we start,

  • Make sure that both the device, i.e. iDevice and Mac are on the same iCloud account.
  • The sync process sometimes doesn’t work in real-time and you may need to disable Safari from iCloud settings in iPhone and Mac. Turn it back on, and it works flawlessly.

Let’s see how to set it up and use it.

How to Setup and Use iCloud Tabs on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Quick navigation:

Setup iCloud Tabs on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Go to Settings → tap on your name at the top → tap on iCloud.

Tap on Settings then Profile then iCloud on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. Turn on the Switch next to Safari.

Turn On iCloud for Safari on iPhone or iPad

Setup iCloud Tabs on Mac

Step #1. Click on Apple Menu → Click on System Preferences.

Open System Preferences on Mac

Step #2. Click on iCloud.

Click on iCloud in System Preferences on Mac

Step #3. Tick the checkbox beside Safari.

Enable iCloud for Safari on Mac

Once iCloud is setup on all devices, connected through the same account, you can now browse websites and open as many tabs as you want.

Use iCloud Tabs on iDevice

Step#1. Open Safari → Tap on the Tabs icon at the bottom-right corner iOS Safari Tabs IconThis shows a list of tabs open on other devices. Scroll/Swipe it up.

Tap on Tabs in Safari on iPhone or iPad

Step #2. It will reveal the websites already opened on your iDevice. Access them as you wish.

Use iCloud Tabs on iPhone or iPad

If there are no tabs open, tap the “+” icon and launch a new tab and visit any website.

Use iCloud Tabs in macOS

The process is almost identical for macOS as well. On your Mac, open Safari, click on the Tabs macOS Safari Tabs Iconicon.

Click on Tabs Icon in Safari on Mac

You’ll see all local tabs as well as tabs open on other iOS devices. Access them from here.

Access iPhone iCloud Tabs on Mac

That’s all, mate!

Signing off…

One of the biggest advantages of using the Apple ecosystem is that switching between Apple devices is pretty smooth and straightforward. Whether it is universal clipboard or handoff, things just work out of the box. What’s your take on this?

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