How to Set Up and Use HomePod with Apple TV

I guess many of you would be excited to set up and use HomePod with Apple TV. Personally, I'm going to use the voice-enabled speaker as the sound bar to have fantastic audio. Jump over to this easy guide for the quick setup and do let us know your feedback!

Frankly speaking, I’m really smitten by the excellent sound of HomePod. The smart speaker has been widely appreciated for having the unmatched sound. Naturally, I’d love to set up and use HomePod with my Apple TV to use it as a sound bar for fabulous audio!

One thing worth noting is that you won’t be able to use the voice-enabled speaker to control playback on your digital media player. Besides, the speaker can’t be directly connected to Apple TV. Hence, you have to first set up the HomePod from your iDevice. Read on:

How to Set Up and Use HomePod with Apple TV

How to Setup and Use HomePod with Apple TV


  • You must have fourth-generation Apple TV or newer.
  • Make sure the smart speaker is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your set-top box.

The process is dead simple and pretty much same as setting up any AirPlay-enabled speaker on Apple TV.

Step #1. Open Settings on your Apple TV and click Video and Audio.

Step #2. Now, you need to select Audio Output.

Step #3. Finally, select HomePod located under Other Speakers.

Now, take the full advantage of the fantastic sound quality of the speaker!

How to Remove your HomePod from Apple TV

No longer want to play the audio on HomePod from your Apple TV? You just need to uncheck it from the speaker options.

Step #1. Open Settings and select Video and Audio.

Step #2. Now, click on Audio Output.

Step #3. Next, you need to de-select your HomePod under Other Speakers.

How to Setup Two HomePods for FullRoom or Stereo Sound

Currently, HomePod does not support FullRoom sound. But it’s expected to arrive soon through an update.

Setting up two HomePods for FullRoom sound is pretty simple. Once you have set them up, they will automatically detect each other and ideally balance to ensure beaming array is able to send sound flawlessly.

That’s pretty much it!

Your turn:

It’d be really great to have your feedback about Apple’s much talked about the smart speaker. Also, let us know what makes it a better option than Amazon Echo or Google Home for Apple products.

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