How to Set Up and Use Touch ID on MacBook Pro 2016

Using Touch ID on Mac had been on my wish list for long. Finally, Apple has introduced this much-awaited feature on new MBP as well to bolster user-experience.

Once you have set up Touch ID on your Mac, you can quickly unlock your Mac, authenticate Apple Pay purchases, make purchases in App and iTunes Stores, unlock certain System Preferences which require a password, easily access the passwords section in Safari preferences, use more convenient user switching and more. To ensure, you are able to get the perfect hold of it, we have made the complete guide. (Check out this post to use Touch ID on older Mac) Let’s start over!

How to Set Up and Use Touch ID on MacBook Pro 2016

How to Set Up and Use Touch ID on MacBook Pro 2016

Set up Touch ID on MacBook Pro 2016 (with Touch Bar)

Step #1.  Open System Preferences either from the Dock or Apple menu. Then, you need to click on the Touch ID preference pane.

Step #2. Next, click on “Add a fingerprint” in order to register a print.

Now, you have to type in your password. Lift and rest your finger accurately on the Touch ID button.

Step #3. Once the fingerprint has been successfully enrolled, you should see a message “Touch ID is Ready.”

Step #4. Finally, click Done to confirm.

Up next, you have three options to select to use Touch ID for:

  • Unlocking your Mac
  • Apple Pay
  • iTunes & App Store

Set up Touch ID on MacBook Pro 2016

You can name and save your fingerprint in order to identify it a bit easily. For example, “Left Thumb.”

Unlock New MacBook Pro with Touch ID


  • Your MacBook Pro will ask you to enter account password instead of Touch ID, if you have logged out of your user account, restarted your Mac, enrolled or removed fingerprints.
  • In case, the Mac doesn’t recognize your fingerprint five times in a row, you will be asked to enter your passwords. At the same time, if your Mac hasn’t been unlocked in the last 48 hours, you will need to enter your passwords.
  • Whenever you start up or restart your Mac, you need to type your password to log in. Then, you can use Touch ID to login whenever you are asked for passwords.

Step #1. Just lift the lid of your new MacBook Pro to turn it on, or simply press Touch ID (power button).

Step #2. Then, press your enrolled finger on Touch ID to login.

Use Touch ID on App and iTunes stores on MacBook Pro 2016

Using Touch ID on App and iTunes stores on new MacBook Pro is as easy as it’s on iPhone and iPad.

Step #1. Launch Mac App Store or iBooks Store app on your Mac, or open iTunes Store in desktop iTunes. Now, select the item you want to buy.

Step #2. Click on the buy button. Next, in the Touch ID prompt, you have to place the finger on the Touch ID sensor to authenticate the purchase.

If you make changes to your enrolled fingerprints, you will be asked to enter the password on your first purchase.

Delete Enrolled Fingerprints on New MacBook Pro

Mac allows you to enroll up to three different fingerprints. You have the option to remove the fingerprint which you no longer want to use.

Step #1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

Step #2. Now, click on Touch ID. Then, find the saved fingerprint you don’t want to use anymore.

Step #3. Click on “X” button that will appear when you move over the saved fingerprint. Click on Delete to confirm the change.

That’s it!

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