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Without an iota of doubt, Face ID is the biggest highlight of iPhone X. To me, it's a revolutionary feature and primed to not just make smartphone even smarter but also change the way we look at facial recognition technology. Considering how significant this advanced feature is, it's apt to make a complete guide on how to set up and use Face ID on iPhone X.

According to Apple, the odds that someone else' fingerprint will unlock Touch ID are 1 in 50,000, while Face ID's chance of another face matching is just 1 in 1,000,000. As no visible light is used, the scan is invisible in all lighting conditions. To avoid unintentional unlocking, facial recognition is made to be “attention aware.” What's more, it is also used in various lighting conditions, including dark rooms.

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How to Set Up Face ID on iPhone X

How to Set Up and Use Face ID on Your iPhone X

How to Set Up Face ID on Your iPhone X

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Next, you need to tap on Face ID & Passcode.

Step #3. Next, tap on Enroll Face.

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Step #4. Up next, tap on Get Started.

  • Now, your device will use the selfie camera as well as an infrared sensor to show your face within a circle with green tick marks surrounding it.
  • The enrollment software now overlays quasi-3D markings onscreen to display your eye line as well as facial center.
  • You will need to move your head in a circle to let the software perfectly capture facial characteristics.

How to Unlock iPhone X Using Face ID

Step #1. You need to wake the screen of your device. (Simply pick up your device to wake the screen (if you have enabled it—SettingsDisplay & BrightnessRaise. Or press the side button.)

Step #2. Now, look at the screen. Make sure to keep your eyes open while unlocking the device.

How to Disable Face ID on Your iPhone X

There are some situations when you may need to temporarily turn off Face ID to prevent anyone from forcing you to unlock your device to take your personal information. Check out this quick guide to get it done.

Several Other Options to Disable Face ID on iPhone X

 There are several other options through which you can turn off Face ID on your device.

  • Head over to Settings app → Face ID & Passcode and disable it.
  • Simply restart your iPhone X.
  • Make five failed attempts to unlock your iPhone.
  • Reboot your iPhone X.

When You Need to Enter Passcode to Unlock your iPhone X

  • After the 48-hour period in which you didn't use Face ID on your smartphone, you will have to use the passcode.
  • After restarting your device, you will need to use a passcode.
  • An eight-hour timer is automatically set after every six days. And if don't use Face ID in that period, you will require the passcode to unlock the iPhone.
  • After five failed attempts, you will need a passcode.

Wrapping up

What do you think of Face ID? Share your feedback it in the comments below.

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