Thanks to Joshua Tucker, there's a way to set automatic reminders for messages too!

You know that Apple has this automatic “set reminders” for call backs right? Whenever you get a call, you can slide the phone icon to set reminders for calling back. This was a cool feature because it made it easier for us to set call back reminders.

How about having the same feature for messages? That's what Joshua did and thanks to him and Jonathan Bailey, we've not got that feature on our iPhones. Here's how you can get that feature on your iPhone too.

Things You'll Need:

  • Jailbroken iPhone (iOS 6.x)
  • iFile (get it from Cydia if you haven't got it already)

Lets jump on how to Install “Reminders for Messages”:

  • Open Safari and type this url in it: to Install Reminders for Messages Step-1
  • Once the page opens, zoom in and tap on “build”zoom in and tap on build
  • Now, tap on the file that says “com.jbp.smsremind_0.0.1-1_iphoneos-arm.deb”tap on the file
  • Tap on “View Raw”
  • On top-right, tap on “Open in iFile”Tap on Open in iFile
  • Now tap on “Installer”tap on Installer

iFile will finish installing the .deb file.

  • Tap on “Done” once it gets installed.Tap on Done

Once installed, you will have to respring your device.

To Respring your iDevice, you can use a tweak like “Respring” from Cydia or just use SBSettings/NCSettings to respring from the Notification Center.

Once you've respring your device, here's how the Reminders for Messages works:

  • Open any message (iMessage/text message)
  • Tap and hold on the message someone sent you.
  • Along with the usual “Copy” option, you'll find a “Remind” option now.Copy option you will find Remind option
  • Tap on “Remind”
  • This opens up a screen like this:Remind me Option Screen
  • Now just tap on whatever time you want the reminder to be.

If you want to verify, go to the Reminders app and check out. An appropriate reminder will be set!Reminders app TestSo that's it! If you used this tweet, don't forget to thank Joshua Tucker.

Below is video tutorial that shows you how to set up reminders for getting back to text messages on iPhone

Thanks to ModMyi for posting about this today.

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