How to Set up Magic Trackpad 2 to Use Force Click on the Mac

Enable Force Click on your Mac and explore more from each app icon. Turn Force Click ON/OFF, silence it, assign Force Click and change the firmness of Force Click.

Like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, your Mac and iMac also allow you to perform Force Click actions. This could be a no less than a feat from Apple as it succeeded in bringing a feature of its smartphone to the non-glamorous Mac and iMac.

With the help of Force Click, users can explore more of a particular app; for example, apply Force Click to get the meaning of a particular word or Force Click on an icon to get a QuickLook.

How to Set up and Use Force Click on the Mac

Please note that Force Click is working on 2015 MacBook and 2015 MacBooks Pro, and the new Magic Trackpad 2.

There are four different usages of Force Click on your Mac/iMac. First off, let’s take how you can switch on and off Force Click.

How to Turn On/Off Force Click on Mac

Force Click has multiple benefits; a user can have Quick Look to Look Up, preview maps and websites and others.

Step #1. Open System Preferences.

Step #2. Click on Trackpad.

Step #3. Check/Uncheck Force Click and haptic feedback to enable/disable.

How to Quiet Force Click On/Off on Mac

Force Click gives us an impression like a mechanical click in feeling and sound; it is like a reproduction of the original clicks.

Step #1. Open System Preferences.

Step #2. Click on Trackpad.

Step #3. Now you can Check/Uncheck Silent clicking to enable/disable the sound.

How to Assign Force Click on Mac

Step #1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on Trackpad.

Step #3. Now click on Look up & data selectors.

You have two options; either you can set it to “Force Click with one finger” or “Tap with three fingers” to disable Force Click.

How to Change Firmness of Force Click on Mac

Mac gives you “Medium” level of intensity when you first assign Force Click. Later on you can set either Light, Medium or Firm levels of firmness for Force Click. You can choose the level according to your convenience and strength of your finger.

Step #1. Open System Preferences.

Step #2. Click on Trackpad.

You can see two options side by side: Click and Tracking speed.

Below the Click, you can choose firmness of Force Click from Light, Medium to Firm. You can select firmness as per your thumb or finger strength.

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