How to Set a Sleep Timer on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Few days back I was flipping pages of a famous health magazine and instantly saw an article saying that, “Listening to music just before you go to sleep is a really relaxing and pleasing habit”. Even I love to listen to music before I sleep, but that sleep often gets disturbed; when I need to get up to just stop my Playlist on my iPhone.

Even though the iPhone is at arm’s reach, who like to disturb the dreams? I had tried lots of techniques to avoid getting up from my bed and save iPhone’s battery from draining out, but all in vain.

Then one day while setting the alarm for the next day early morning jogs, I found out something amazing. Now I can listen to songs and even sleep in harmony.

How to Set a Sleep Timer on iPhone and iPad

Once you get your favorite songs playing,

Step #1. Open Clock app.

Open Clock App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the Timer.

Step #3. From the Hours and Minutes, select for how much time you want to play the songs.

Set Timer in iPhone Clock App

Step #4. Tap on When Timer Ends → Scroll it to the end. Select Stop Playing.

Choose Action When iPhone Timer Ends

Step #5. Select Set from the upper right corner Tap Start to start the timer.

Set Sleep Timer on iPhone

This will automatically turn off all music/videos exactly after 1:30 hrs.

And what if you have a meeting or a daily chore to your task list? There is a trick for that too. After selecting When Timer Ends, instead of Stop Playing, select the ALARM. The song or video, whatever is playing, will stop and the Alarm will ring.

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