How To Set Instagram Photos And Videos To Private On iPhone

Instagram is an exquisite photo and video sharing site as people seem to have been smitten by it. People like to share their favorite photos on it and enjoy a lot when the photos are appreciated as well as liked by their friends. By default, all your shared photos on Instagram are public and hence can be viewed by anyone. What if you no longer want your shared stuffs to be viewed by public, is there any way to make your Instagram account private on iPhone?

Today, people are more concerned about their privacy than ever before. In the wake of ever increasing cyber crime, people wish to keep their personal information private. If you are also the one who doesn’t want to expose personal stuffs to public, here is how you can set Instagram photos and videos to private on iPhone.
Before moving on there are certain things, you need to know.

How To Set Instagram Photos And Videos To Private On iPhone

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  • Even if you have enabled private account, your existing followers will still be able to view what you share. If you don’t want any follower to view your photos, you will have to block him/her.
  • After you have set the private account, both your new followers and the ones you follow will have to send you request if they want to view your shared photos. You can approve or disapprove their requests.
  • If you share your Instagram photos to other social sites, they will be viewed by people based on how you have set your account on those sites.
  • People will still be able to send you photos even if they don’t follow you.

Let’s dive into how to make Instagram private on iPhone:

Step #1. Launch Instagram app.

Step #2. Tap on the profile icon from the bottom right corner as shown in below screenshot.

Instagram Settings on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on the gear icon from the top right corner as shown in above screenshot.

Step #4. Switch on Private Account.

Make Instagram Account Private on iPhone

That’s done!

In the event that you change your mind and want to disable private account, you should follow all the mentioned steps and then eventually switch it off.