How to Set a Firmware Password on your Mac to Add an Extra Layer of Security

Add an extra level of security on your Mac. Secure it with a firmware password. You can check for the instructions we have mentioned here for details.

Since the day Apple and FBI are fighting head-on-head over encryption issues, people all over the world have now developed a fear of privacy and security, for no apparent reason. There isn’t any potential threat to their privacy while they are using their Mac, iPhone or iPad. Even then, we have added details to secure your Mac using a firmware password as an added precaution for security.

Activating firmware password on your Mac unlocks an added level of security. No one can boot your Mac using any external bootable source. Moreover, they cannot even use the Mac Recovery option, as they’ll need a password to enter Recovery mode. There’s no rocket science in adding a firmware password, just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be just fine.

How to Set Firmware Password on Mac

Please note: You cannot reset forgotten firmware password. Hence, make sure to note it down somewhere safe.

How to Set a Firmware Password on Mac

Step #1. First of all, you’ll need to restart your Mac in recovery mode.

Step #2. Once you are in the Recovery Mode, do not select any option; instead, select Firmware Password Utilities from Utilities.

Step #3. Inside the Firmware Utilities window, click on Turn On Firmware Password.

Step #4. Now enter the password, and re-verify it by entering again in the Verify field.

Step #5. Click on “Set Password” button to confirm.

Step #6. You can now exit the Utilities menu and restart your Mac.

That’s it! You have now successfully set a firmware password on your Mac. In case, you wish to change or remove the firmware password, just check out below details.

How to Change or Turn off Firmware Password on Mac

In order to turn off firmware password or change the current password, you’ll need to follow the above guide. From the Firmware Password Utilities, select Turn Off Firmware Password to disable it or click on Change Password to change the current password.

From now on, if you try to boot up your Mac using a bootable external source, your Mac will display a lock icon. You’ll need to enter the firmware password to move forward.

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