How to Set, Edit & Delete Fingerprints in iPhone 5s [TouchID Guide]

How to Set, Edit & Delete Fingerprints in iPhone 5s

Apple’s latest muse is the Touch ID which, like most other Apple features in the past, has drawn an enormous level of attention. Not to forget all the editorial (good and bad) it has prompted.

If you got your iPhone 5s recently, you might have set up TouchID already when you set up the new iPhone.

Here’s a complete guide on TouchID so you can set up, edit, delete and manage fingerprints in TouchID (along with more information about the new feature).

Setting Up A New Fingerprint for TouchID

While one finger is already set when you setup the iPhone for the first time (unless you choose not to setup TouchID), you can actually setup five fingers for TouchID. Here’s how to add more fingerprints on the iPhone 5s:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Now tap on Fingerprints
  • Under FINGERPRINTS you should see Add a fingerprint…
  • Tap on this to setup a new fingerprint for TouchID
How to Set New Fingerprint for TouchID on iPhone 5s

Now when you setup a new fingerprint, you will find that you’ll have to be patient while you setup. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Don’t press the home button ever while setting up the TouchID
  • Gently place the finger on the button. The iPhone 5s takes a short while to process all parts of your finger. Repeat the process till it asks you to change the holding position
  • Fingerprints run all over the place and Apple wants to capture the tip of your finger too. So you’ll have to let the iPhone 5s scan this part before the smartphone can finally assimilate all data about the fingerprint

Editing the Name of a Fingerprint

By default, iOS 7 names the fingerprints automatically with a number suffix (Finger 1, Finger 2 etc.). You can edit these names to more accurate descriptions just to make sure you know which fingers have been scanned. To Edit:

  • Head to Settings → General → Passcode & Fingerprint → Fingerprints
  • Tap on Edit
  • Rename the fingerprint names
  • Done
How to Edit Name of a Fingerprint

Deleting A Fingerprint

Swipe on a fingerprint and tap Delete to remove a fingerprint.

Toggle iTunes & App Store Fingerprint Authentication

TouchID can also be used – instead of entering your Apple ID password – to make purchases. You always have the option of using the alternative way of authenticating the purchases (entering Apple ID password) even when you have TouchID enabled.

You can turn this feature ON/OFF in Settings → General → Passcode & Fingerprint → Fingerprints → iTunes & App Store.

A note here: if you want to enable this feature, you have to first setup your iCloud account (and sign-in to iTunes & App Store from Settings → iTunes & App Store).

TouchID cannot be used if you’ve set a restriction on the password (for purchases). Go to Settings → General → Restrictions → Require Password and change it to anything other than Immediately”.

Disable TouchID Completely

There is no single switch to disable TouchID completely. You have to turn off both Passcode and iTunes & App Store switches to disable TouchID.

How to Disable TouchID on iPhone 5s

When Does TouchID Require a Passcode/Password Too

Apple has programmed TouchID to be disabled until you enter the passcode under certain scenarios:

  • Restarting your iPhone 5s
  • Not using it for over 48hrs
  • Setting up or deleting a fingerprint
  • When the fingerprint is incorrect or doesn’t work (five attempts)

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