How to Set Calendar Start Day in iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

Generally, the Calendar app on iPhone/iPad defaults to Sunday as the starting day of the week (if you’re in the U.S). But what if you want to start your week on any other day than Sunday?

iOS lets you customize your calendar by selecting the starting of your week of your choice. You can make the changes according to your personal preference or for your organizational schedules.

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How to Set Calendar Start Day in iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

How to Set a Different Start Day for Your Calendar in iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad:

Step #1. Go to the Settings app.

Step #2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

Step #3. Scroll down and under the Calendars label, tap on Start Week on.

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Set Calendar Start Day in iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

Step #4. You can select your favorite day at the start of the week.

Step #5. That’s about it. Quit the Settings app and restart your Calendar app to verify the changes.

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Most countries prefer Sunday/Monday as the start day of the week but if your organization calls for a different day as the start of the week, you can use this nifty little setting.

Shifting the start-day-of-the-week has no effects whatsoever on any of your calendars. The change, however, is global so all the synced calendars on your iPhone (even those that are outside the iCloud loop, for instance, your Google Calendar) will start with the selected day of the week. And needless to say, the changes you just made reflect only on your iDevice.

Also, this setting doesn’t carry over to your other connected devices. For instance, if you’ve synced your calendar across your iPhone and iPad, the changes you made to Start Week On on your iPhone will not be reflected on your iPad. They are local to the iPhone.

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