How to Set Android-like Panorama Wallpapers in iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad

You know that Apple changed a lot of things with iOS 7. Right from the basic interface to the dynamism, this is a whole new UI to work with for iPhone and iPad users.

One cool feature that got added for the first time since iPhone’s launch in 2007 is the panorama wallpaper that pans when you swipe across the homescreen/springboard.

How do you get this feature enabled?

It’s simple. To enable this feature/set a panorama wallpaper on your iPhone, you need two things: you need to have panorama photos on your iPhone and they’ve got to be in a default Panorama album (not Camera Roll).

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Here’s how to set a panoramic wallpaper on your iPhone:

  • Open the camera app, enable panorama and click a panorama picture.
  • This photo gets saved in a new/existing “Panoramas” album. You can only set panoramic wallpapers from the photos picked from this album.
  • Now, go to Settings
  • Tap on Brightness & Wallpaper
  • Tap on Choose Wallpaper section
  • Tap on the Panoramas album
  • Pick a photo from the album
  • Tap on ‘Set’

With this, you will have set a panoramic wallpaper for your iOS device. With iOS 7 beta 5, we know this to work on both iPhones and iPads.

The panoramic wallpaper feature is not new to smartphones, with Android smartphones having the feature enabled almost by default. This feature is different from the parallax effect so don’t get confused by it.

Setting a panorama wallpaper does not really eat up resources so it’s perfectly okay to go ahead and make your iOS device even more dynamic and interesting. The only downside as for now seems to be the fact that you can only set panorama wallpapers from the Panoramas folder (which is default like the Camera Roll). A workaround might be discovered.

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