Now You Can Send (Draft) WhatsApp Message without Internet on iPhone

How do you send WhatsApp message offline on iPhone? To put it across, it’s not possible technically. But, there is a welcome change which offers a better way to let you deal with offline smartly.

At times, internet connection suddenly begins to play spoil-sport during communication. And, you have no choice but to leave your conversation mid-way and wait for the internet to return in its full form. To say the least, it’s a very annoying situation, which most of us have to deal with at some point or the other. Hence, it could be a big deal for many folks if I say that you can now send WhatsApp message without the internet on your iPhone.

Without playing any hide-and-seek, let me clear all the clouds straightaway that there is no way (at least for now) you can send WhatsApp message offline. But the popular messaging app in its latest update (version 2.17.2) has offered a better way to let you deal with the situation when the internet has gone out of the radar, or you don’t have internet connection on your device. It lets you send message offline on your iPhone. So, how does it work?

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How to Use Whatsapp Without the Internet

What it does is let you hit the send button even if you are offline. Once you have hit the send button, the message will be queued up. It will be automatically sent to the recipient as soon as your device gets connected to the internet.

The upside of this new feature is that you don’t have to send the message again. Just type in the message even if you don’t have the internet on your device and queue it up to be delivered later. In other words, it’s like drafting a message, isn’t it?

The latest version of WhatsApp also allows you to send as many as 30 photos or videos in one go on your iPhone. Earlier it was limited to 10. If you are one of those who loves to send plenty of media to your friends, this media sharing extension is right on the money for you.

The app has redesigned the storage usage as well. Now, it lets you clear certain media types from individual chats. I find this feature very useful as it offers you complete freedom to pick and choose what kind of messages you want to keep or remove from any chats.

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Recently, WhatsApp had added several impressive features including the option to search and send GIF, forward a message to multiple users at one go, add emoji, text and draw on photos and videos, etc.

For all said and done, I wish there was a real way to send WhatsApp message offline but it’s not feasible; at least for now. What do you think?

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
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