How to Send Low-Quality Images Via iMessage in iOS 10 on iPhone to Save Mobile Data

With iOS 10, you have the option to send low-quality images in iMessage to save not just your mobile data but also battery. Read on to know this trivial tip.

Messages app has got a lot of interesting features in iOS 10. Whether it’s WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or any other top notch messaging app, Messages has finally got the bucks to not just emulate them all but also surpass them with élan.

Whether it’s the bubble effects, screen effects, Tapbacks, Stickers and apps, tons of emojis or the excellent Markup, the stock Messages is the real deal you won’t like to miss at all.

How to Enable Low-Quality Image Mode for iMessage in iOS 10 on iPhone

Just when I thought I have mastered all the features that the revamped Messages has got, a very user-friendly feature called Low-Quality Image Mode has been pushed through in the iOS 10 beta 2.

The best thing about this option is that it allows you to send a low-quality image via iMessage in order to help you save plenty of data. Here is how it works!

How to Enable Low-Quality Image Mode in iMessage in iOS 10 on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2. Next, you will have to scroll down and tap on Messages.

Tap on Messages in iPhone Settings

Step #3. Now, you have to turn on the switch called Low-Quality Image Mode.

Turn On Low-Quality Image Mode in iMessages on iPhone

That’s it!

From now on, whenever you will send any image, it will automatically turn into lower quality thereby saving a lot of data.

At any time if you want to disable it, you have to follow all the steps mentioned above and turn the Low-Quality Image Mode switch to off position in the end.

While communicating with our friends and loved ones, we enjoy sending funny photos and images. But hardly do we know that when we send any image with high resolution, it not just eats into a lot of data but also drains the battery of your device.

It’s great that Apple has added this feature to make sure you are able to conserve both data and battery on your device.

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