How to Send Audio Messages using Messages App on iPhone or iPad

Audio messages are a quick way to communicate with your contacts. On your iPhone or iPad, you can use this feature to record and send audio messages using Message or iMessage.

If it’s Whatsapp, you get to send something in every format: video, photo, audio, etc. But how do you send audio messages in the default Messaging app?

Even though there are several clients like Whatsapp, iMessage still rules supreme when it comes to communication between iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and Mac users. Let’s accept it: iMessage is far more expansive and easy to use than Whatsapp. And the fact that Mac has iMessage makes it even better.

In early days iMessage only lets you send photos by default (as far as media content is concerned). From within the Messages app, you can only send a photo that you just took or from the camera roll. But now just like WhatsApp, you can send the recorded voice message from iMessage.

How to Record and Send Audio Messages via iMessage from iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Open Messages App → Select receiver’s name.

Step#2. Tap on the Microphone/Analog icon in the text field.

Tap on Microphone Icon in Message App on iPhone or iPad

Step #3. Tap and hold to record message → Once you are done with recording the Audio message tap on Up Arrow to send the message.

Send Audio Message from iPhone or iPad Message App

The message gets sent as a .m4a file.

If the recipient uses iMessage, the message is sent as an iMessage. If not, the message goes as MMS and charges apply.

So the next time you want to send an audio message to someone who’s using iMessage (or who doesn’t have Whatsapp installed), there’s a way you can get it done.

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