How to Send an Audio iMessage from iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

We’re in iOS 8 beta at the time of writing this and there’s a lot of things to explore. One of the major changes comes to the messaging app. Apple has borrowed a lot of features from other popular messaging clients (notably Whatsapp). Yeah, we’re talking about the audio message feature.

In iOS 8, you can send audio messages through the Messages app. It’s akin to the way you send a quick audio message in Whatsapp or other popular clients.

How to Send an Audio iMessage from iPhone/iPad on iOS 8

Here’s how to send an audio iMessage from your iPhone/iPad running iOS 8:

Step #1. Open the Messages app.

Step #2. Tap on the compose new message icon (or tap on any conversation).

Step #3. Right next to the text field at the bottom, you should see a microphone icon.

How to Send Audio iMessage on iOS 8

Step #4. Tap and hold the icon to record a message. You’ll need to tap and hold the whole time you’re recording your message.

Step #5. Once you’re done recording, swipe up. This will send the audio message to the recipient.

Sending Audio iMessage from iPhone and iPad on iOS 8

What if you want to cancel the recording and send a new one instead?

All you do is a swipe to the left and the recording will be canceled so you can start afresh.

You can send audio messages of short lengths (a few seconds to about a minute) but there really doesn’t seem to be a limitation there.

With these instant audio messages, your conversations can be more than just plain texts or photos. You can also send video messages right from within the Messages app.

One interesting addition (that is missing in my favorite messaging app, Whatsapp) is that you get to access the audio messages you send/receive.

To access the media, all you need to do is tap on Details on top-right. It shows an overview of all the media in the conversation, including the quick audio messages.

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