Group messaging (iMessage, SMS) in iOS 7 is not a new feature. We’ve been able to message to a group since iOS 5 even though it was buggy and maverick in implementation. One thing that’s been constant, though, is the simplicity of group messaging in iOS 7.

Group messaging is easy but it can be troublesome even if everything seems to be correct from your end. That’s why we find a few annoyed users talking about it on the forums. We decided to mash up something for basic users of iOS 7 who want to use Group Messaging to send out group iMessages.

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How to Send and Troubleshoot Group Messaging in iMessage on iOS 7

Group Messaging in iOS 7 iMessage - How to Send and Troubleshoot

How to Send Group Messaging in iOS 7 iMessage

The requirements:

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  • Every person you select for the group message should be active on iMessage. This means every member of the group should be using iMessage on an iDevice (or Mac).
  • You need to have your iMessage switched on and setup correctly so it’s working. Usually, you know that your iMessage is working by sending test messages to someone who’s on iMessage.

The process is pretty simple and straightforward and most users know it already.

  • Open the Message app and tap on the New Message icon (+)
  • In the receiver’s field (To), enter the names of people you want to send the iMessage to.
  • Notice if the contact names are in blue bubbles or green. If all the bubbles are blue, this is going to be a Group iMessage. If not, this is not even going to be a group message.

Troubleshooting Group Messaging in iOS 7 iMessage

There are a wide variety of issues that can happen when you send a group message. Some prominent issues:

  • All the messages seem to have been delivered as individual messages because you get replies as individual texts/iMessages.
  • Some messages have been sent as SMS.
  • (Some of) Your friends did not receive your group iMessage at all.

Here’s how to troubleshoot most issues.

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  1. Make sure your iMessage is active and working correctly. You can test this by sending an individual iMessage to someone who is using iMessage.
  2. Of all the things, most importantly, check if every recipient on the group has an active and working iMessage account. Even if one person doesn’t use iMessage, your group message is going to be sent as individual message.
  3. Only some carriers allow you to send group SMS/MMS when iMessage isn’t working for you. If you see the Group Messaging option in Settings → Messages → SMS/MMS, make sure it’s switched ON.

Arguably, it’s not much in the way of troubleshooting but Apple does not provide much in the form of settings. It’s just a calculated grouping that Apple does on its own via iOS when you add a lot of contacts to the recipient’s field.