There are times when either many of the pictures are useless, or we just need to free up some space. At this point, we have to tap each and every picture. But imagine a situation when you are trying to delete hundred pictures. The thought itself is hammering.

This is not just time consuming, instead frustrating. Tapping each and every picture is really a headache. To overcome this problem, say thanks to the iOS 9; the latest iOS has come up with a new feature by which we can select multiple pictures in Photos app with a single swipe gesture.

How to Select Multiple Photos on iPhone with Swipe Gesture

Here we will explain you how to select multiple pictures in Photos app with a single swipe gesture in iOS 9 on iPhone or iPad. Just follow the steps given below:

How to Select Multiple Photos from iPhone Photos App

Step #1. Open the Photos app from home screen.

Tap on Photos App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap the album from which you wish to select pictures.

Tap on Album Name on iPhone Camera Roll

Step #3. Once you are in the album, tap on “Select” located top-right of your screen.

Step #4. Now tap on any picture and swipe your finger to right.

Step #5. Once you reach the end of the row, you can swipe your finger downwards. This will select all the pictures in second row.

Select Multiple Photos on iPhone

This feature is not 3D touch, so any user with iOS 9 can do it on their iPhone or iPad. You can now delete these pictures permanently or by moving them to Recently Deleted folder.

Thought its very trivial and basic tip, its quite useful. Share your feedback in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.