How to Search Within Webpage in iOS 9 Safari on iPhone and iPad

You can easily search particular word or phrase in Safari on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9. Here is a quick tip on that.

As per the recent statistics, numbers of mobile internet users have increased drastically. The interesting part to notice is that the tendency is now not limited to playing online games or watching videos; users have started using the mobile internet as a medium to gather information and knowledge.

There are thousands, rather say millions of users using their iPhone to browse their favorite websites. The biggest problem faced is to search for a particular word or a phrase on the webpage.

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Safari is one the most used browsers on iOS. The latest iOS 9 update has given some prominent enhancements; one of them is to search for a particular word or phrase inside the webpage in Safari browser. If you are still on iOS 8, please refer this post to search in Safari.

How to Search Within Webpage in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Very first thing is to launch the Safari app and open desired URL (Web address).

Step #2. Once your page is loaded, you can see a share button on the bottom menu; tap on that.

Tap on Share Sheet in iOS 9 Safari on iPhone

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Step #3. As soon as you tap on the share button, two menu lines will pop up at the bottom; swipe right to left on the lower menu and you will see a magnifying glass icon; tap that.

Tap Find On Page in iOS 9 Safari

Step #4. Now you can type the word or phrase you want to search.

Search Phrase in Safari in iOS 9

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If there are more than one search results, you will notice an up and down navigation icons at the bottom. Clicking them will move you from one search to another.

Up Down Arrow in Safari in iOS 9

Watch out to know how to search within a webpage in iOS 9 Safari

That’s all for now!

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