Search Within Third-party Apps Using Spotlight in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad [How-to]

Apple has made Spotlight Search more effective in iOS as users can now search within third-party apps on their iPhone and iPad running iOS 9. With the help of microphone, users can avoid typing queries.

With its every new version, iOS is getting improved. Apple brings something new for its users and this makes it stand apart from the crowd. With the release of iOS 9, people expected many new features and Apple fulfilled those expectations.

Among many other features, iOS 9 has been improved with Spotlight search. If you wonder that what is so special about Spotlight search, let me tell you that you can search within third-party apps on your iOS 9-enabled device.

How to Search Within Third-party Apps Using Spotlight in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

This feature is called Universal search, which allows you to search content from Spotlight search itself.

In all previous versions of iOS, Spotlight search would show search results from stock apps and web results; perhaps this limitation inspired Apple to give consumers something more in iOS 9.

Apple didn’t make any change in the look and feel of the search results; the Spotlight search results would look like any other results you would see in previous iOS. With every result, you can see images and some text describing the result.

Tap on the search result and you will be landed on the app, where you can find answers of your query.

There are many users, who use Mac, and they find the Spotlight search on their iPhones or iPads a little incompetent in comparison to the Mac. But with the inclusion of third-party app search feature, users now appreciate Spotlight search on iOS 9.

Along with this third-party app search, Spotlight search has also been strengthened with Siri Suggestions & microphone.

How to Search Within Third-party Apps Using Spotlight in iOS 9 on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open Spotlight Search by swiping left to right on home screen OR Perform vertical swipe on home screen of your iDevice.

You can see a search bar with an icon of Microphone on right and a Magnifying Glass on left.

Step #2. Type in a query in the search bar or give a voice command after tapping on the Microphone.

Preferably, you can type in anything you want to search within a third-party app. Now, you will see search results on the screen.

Step #3. Tap on any result displayed on screen and you can directly reach there.

Spotlight Search can be very helpful while you are on the go; moreover, the microphone feature will certainly give your fingers and thumbs some rest. Make the most of this cool new feature added to iOS 9.

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