Browsing internet on smartphones has now become an order of the day. There is an increasing number of users, who check websites on their iPhones. Though it is convenient accessing web on the move, there could be a few situations when you are stuck. Here is one such situation I faced the other day.

I was exploring a website on my iPhone 6 and I wanted to search a particular phrase on the webpage; had it been my Macbook, I could have pressed Ctrl + F to find any word or phrase. But I was holding my iPhone 6. As I stumbled upon this situation, I started digging deep into this to find a way. I got to know that the unified search bar on Safari iOS 8 serves dual function of address bar and search bar (If you are on iOS 9, refer this post to search within webpage in Safari).

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How to Search Within a Webpage in Safari on iPhone and iPad

So if you want to search a particular phrase or word on a webpage on iPhone, you can follow a few simple steps and get the solution.

How to Search Within a Webpage in Safari on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Tap on Safari icon from the Home Screen on your iPhone.

Step #2. Type in the URL you want to browse on your Safari address bar.Open Webpage in Safari on iPhoneStep #3. Now tap on the address bar.

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Step #4. Start typing a word or phrase you want to find on the webpage.

Step #5. The moment you type in a word/phrase, you will get three different results: Google Search, Bookmarks and History and On This Page (Number of Matches.)Search Phrase in Safari on iPhoneStep #6. The last one is the result you are looking for.

Step #7. Now tap on the Find “Word.”

Step #8. You can now see the webpage you were browsing; at the bottom left, there are two navigation arrows.

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Step #9. Now, start tapping on the right navigation arrow to spot the word or phrase you were looking.Search Within a Webpage in Safari on iPhone and iPadStep #10. Once you are done, tap on “Done” at the bottom right.

Note: Please ensure that after typing a word or phrase in the address bar, do not press ‘Go’ button on the keyboard. This will take you to the search results.

Watch out how to search within a webpage in Safari on iOS:

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