How to Search Specific Photos/Videos on iPhone or iPad

I never miss out on capturing some of the most memorable hang out with friends and loved ones. Whenever I’m out to enjoy the beautiful scenery or visit historical places, I make sure to capture plenty of photos and videos on my iPhone. That’s why; today I have tons of unforgettable photos on my iPhone.

As and when I desire to revisit the past memories, the photos play a significant role in reminding me of those moments as vividly as it can ever get. Searching a specific photo out of thousands of available ones is the only inconvenience that I face while navigating those treasure-troves. I wish I could instantly find a particular photo out of the gazillion of collections on my iPhone! Is there a trick to access a photo fast without having to browse through the entire album?How to Search Particular Photos or Videos on iPhone or iPad

Fortunately, Photos app allows you to search any particular photo or video quickly based on date, year, nearby or place. If you remember these key things related to the photo, you would quickly find it.

  • Searching of a particular photo largely depends on location information as well as face tagging.
  • Some photos may not show up in the search results, if you have disabled location sharing for Camera. Hence, make sure to allow your iPhone Camera the access to your location. (Go to Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Camera → Enable while using app.)

Privacy Settings on iPhone
Location Service for Camera AppLocation Services Access to Camera App

  • If you have tagged Faces in Photos for Mac OS X, you can easily search people as well.
  • If the photos have been captured with a Camera like, DSLR that doesn’t have the support of location tagging, they may not show up.

How to Find a Particular Photo Instantly in Photos App on iPhone or iPad

Step #1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone → Tap on the albums → Tap on Search icon from the top right hand corner.

Tap on Photos Then Album Search in iPhoneStep #4. Next up, you have to type the date or place or year or nearby location or person’s name related to the photo you want to search.Search Specific Photos or Videos on iPhone or iPadBased on what you search, the Photos app would present you the results.

That’s it!

Now enjoy viewing the photos. Repeat these steps to find more photos quickly in the Photos app.