Users have to often scroll up or down while browsing through web, reading any article or checking out any app pages. While iOS lets users scroll up to any page by simply tapping on the Status Bar, there is no option to scroll down quickly. Hence, iOS users have to work a bit to scroll down to any pages. And it becomes a little annoying to scroll down when a page is too long.

Skrollerz Cydia tweak allows iOS users not only to scroll up to any page but also scroll down instantly. Once you install this tweak, it starts functioning as it is already enabled. However, it comes with its own preferences panel wherein you can configure it based on how you want to use it.

How to Scroll Down or Up Instantly On Any Page On iPhone and iPadConfigure Options From Settings App

Generally, after installing Skrollerz, you have to tap on the left side of the Status Bar to scroll up on any page. And to scroll down, you have to tap on the right side of the Status Bar. But, this tweak offers you options to change it as per your need. Like, you can change the Left Scroll Direction to Bottom or even disable it by selecting None. In the same way, you can change the Right Scroll Direction to Top or even select None to completely disable it.

Skrollerz Cydia Tweak SettingsSkrollerz Cydia Tweak Scroll Direction Options

Enable/Disable Option

At any time if you feel like disabling the effect of this Cydia tweak, you can switch it off. At the top of the tweak’s preferences pane, there is a kill switch which lets you switch on/off the effect of this jailbreak tweak.

No Respring Required

Skrollerz doesn't require any respring. Therefore, when you make any changes to this tweak, it has an immediate effect. So many folks don’t like most tweaks even if they are of top quality just because they need respring.

Doesn't Work Well In Landscape Mode

There is one con with Skrollerz as it doesn't function up to the mark in landscape mode. It may be due to some bug or the tweak may not be made to work in landscape mode. Nevertheless, just when you use it in portrait mode, it begins to work perfectly.

This is a nice little tweak which is available for free from BigBoss repo. If you want to bring the much needed convenience while navigating any page, do check out Skrollerz.

Price: Free | Repo: Bigboss