How to Scan QR Code Using Google Chrome on iPhone

You can now use Google Chrome to quickly scan QR code (machine-readable code which typically store URLs or other information) on your iPhone. The best thing about it is that you will no longer have to install a standalone QR code scanner app just to scan or read QR code.

It’s a very helpful feature from users’ perspective. Google Chrome being such a popular web browser, it’s added more value to it, hasn’t it? So the next time, you come across any QR code, fire up the web browser to instantly scan it. Let’s find out how it works!

How to Scan QR Code Using Google Chrome on iPhone

How to Use Google Chrome to Scan QR Code on iPhone

Step #1. Make sure to update Chrome app on your iDevice.

Step #2. On your iPhone with 3D Touch, simply 3D Touch the Google Chrome app icon on the Home screen of your device.

Apply 3D Touch on Chrome on iPhone

Step #3. Now, select Scan QR Code in the shortcut menu.

Tap on Scan QR Code in Chrome on iPhone

Allow the app to access the Camera. Tap on OK in the popup menu.

Allow Camera Access to Chrome on iPhone

Note: On iPhone which doesn’t support 3D Touch, simply swipe down from the top of the Home screen to access Spotlight. Then, type in QR code in the search field. Google Chrome will show up with the option to let you Scan QR code. Just tap on the app icon. (Allow the app to access the Camera.)

Now, your iPhone Camera will open. Next, you need to point the Camera at the QR code so that it’s within the frame.

That’s it! Your device will quickly scan the QR code. Now, it will show the decoded stuff.

The Bottom Line

The option to read QR code is a welcome feature in Google Chrome. I really appreciate it. What about you? I would love to see it in Safari for iOS as well sooner than later as it will add more value to it.

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