Semaphore has reinvented TinyUmbrella, the tool that lets iOS users downgrade to previous iOS firmware. This amazing tool allows you to save SHSH blobs for your iOS device to help you downgrade. The reinvigorated TinyUmbrella is in beta version now and is compatible with OS X and Windows.

Had Apple allowed the access to SHSH blobs, iOS users could efficiently downgrade their firmware. However, Apple doesn’t do so with a view to protecting iOS from jailbreak community.

How To Save SHSH Blobs Using TinyUmbrellaLet’s know more about TinyUmbrella!

Can Download Only Those SHSH Blobs For The Firmware Which Apple Signs

TinyUmbrella can download the blobs which Apple currently signs. Therefore, if you are unable to download iOS 8.1.2 and didn’t know why it’s not able to do it, the simple reason is Apple has stopped signing it.

Three Kinds of SHSH Blobs

There are three kinds of SHSH blobs which can be viewed in TinyUmbrella beta. They are:

#1. Update (Restore)
#2. Erase (Restore)
#3. OTA

All these three blobs have been recognized in the list of blobs named as Type column.

Where Can I Find SHSH Blobs On My Computer?

Once you have downloaded SHSH blobs on your computer, you can easily find them from here– ~/.tu/.shsh

Can I Remove TinyUmbrella History?

TinyUmbrella keeps a record of the devices that have been connected to it. It continues to download the SHSH blobs from Apple server even when your iPhone is not connected to it. If you don’t want it to keep a log of the devices which you have connected to TinyUmbrella, you can remove them from here ~/.tu/.known_devices.

As of Now Downgrade Not Possible

You can’t downgrade your iOS firmware as of now. Nevertheless, you can download the SHSH blobs which are currently signed by Apple.

If you have cleared all your doubts regarding SHSH blobs and what TinyUmbrella can and can’t do for you, let’s move ahead with the process about saving them on your computer.

How To SHSH Blobs Using TinyUmbrella Beta For Downgrades

Step #1. Download TinyUmbrella beta from here (you will need to click on the download link which is in the right side bar.)

Step #2. Next up, you will have to install java on your computer as TinyUmbrella requires it. Install java from here

Step #3. Once you have installed java, launch TinyUmbrella.

Step #4. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC and leave the rest to TinyUmbrella as it is equipped to detect your device automatically and download all the available SHSH blobs.

That’s done! SHSH blobs have been downloaded for your iPhone.

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