How to Save Notes, Webpages and Photos as PDF in iOS 9 on iPhone

In our daily analysis of iOS 9, we come across some of the awesome new features and we are happy to share our experiences with our audience. Here is one that I can’t stop myself from sharing. I wanted to share a pic with my friends; I was browsing my photo album on my iPhone 6. And when I tapped on Share sheet, I could notice a new option Save PDF to iBooks before WhatsApp.

Wow! Now I can save my pics (apart from notes and webpages) to iBooks in PDF format. Isn’t it cool? I know that those who frequently have to use documents love PDF format as they share PDF files on email. It gives better view to the one who receives any document; and moreover, you can secure the document by assigning a password.

Once the PDF is in iBooks, you can later save it to Dropbox; this means you can access the document from anywhere. Now you can share PDF with your friends or colleagues, edit and annotate it by using PDF management apps.

Third-party apps will also have to offer this feature, albeit developers need to make their apps compatible with it.

Now let’s check how to save notes, webpages and photos as PDF in iOS 9.

How to Save Notes, Webpages and Photos as PDF in iOS 9

Step #1. Launch Photos app on your iPhone. Open Photos App on iPhone in iOS 9Step #2. Tap on any photo from album you want to convert into PDF → Select photos you want to add in PDF.

Step #3. Tap on Share sheet.Tap on Share Sheet in iOS 9 on iPhoneStep #4. Select Save PDF to iBooks.Select Photos and Tap on Save As PDFThis will take you to your iBooks, where you can check and edit the photo.

You can follow similar steps to convert a webpage or a note into PDF file. Please note that iOS 9 offers another advantage of saving your Notes in iCloud; this facility is not available in iOS 8.3 and older versions; if you don’t have iOS 9, your Notes will be saved in your iPhone only.

Save Notes as PDF on iPhone in iOS 9

Save Notes as PDF on iPhone in iOS 9Save Webpage as PDF in iOS 9

Save Webpage as PDF in iOS 9Hope this helps you saving Notes, Webpages and Photos as PDF on your iDevice running iOS 9.

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